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Dries Phlypo


Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem

Writer / Producer

+32 9 240 10 00

Company Profile

A Private View (° 1994) is an independent Belgian film production company run by producer Dries Phlypo and writer/producer Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem.

A Private View produced a series of films that had a domestic cinema success. The company is known internationally thanks to MOSCOW, BELGIUM (2008) by Christophe Van Rompaey that won three prizes at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, OXYGEN (2010) by Hans Van Nuffel that won the grand prize at the Montréal festival and the EFA Discovery Award, the Belgian/French co-production VINCENT (2016) that premiered at the Locarno film festival where Barbara Sarafian won the press award for best actress, MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE a family film written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and directed by Anouk Fortunier, and SEA SPARKLE (2023) written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Wendy Huyghe and directed by Domien Huyghe, which was not only the opening film of the Generation Kplus programme at the Berlinale but also took the Special Mention prize home. VINCENT, an EFA-nominee for best comedy, was released in theaters in Belgium, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Switzerland and France. ZAGROS by the Belgian/Kurdish film maker Sahim Omar Kalifa has won awards in Ghent, Duhok, Arras and Annonay. THE BEST OF DORIEN B. by Anke Blondé was presented to the world at the IFF Rotterdam in February 2019 in the Big Screen Competition. The Benelux release is set for September 2019.

In its early years, A Private View attracted attention with youth-oriented features DE BAL (1999), opening film of the children’s section of the Berlin film festival, and SCIENCE FICTION (2002), both with support from Eurimages and shown all over the world. The company then produced dramas such as LONG WEEKEND (2005) by Hans Herbots, A PERFECT MATCH (2007) by Miel Van Hoogenbemt, THE OVER THE HILL BAND (2009) by Geoffrey Enthoven, BRASSERIE ROMANTIQUE (2012) by Joël Vanhoebrouck and MARRY ME (2015) by Kadir Balci. Their short film NAWEWE (2010), directed by Ivan Goldschmidt, was nominated for an Oscar. The short film BAD HUNTER (2014) by Sahim Omar Kalifa was on the shortlist for the Oscars in 2017.

A Private View has co-produced more than 25 international films, including INSIDE (2022) by Vasilis Katsoupis starring Willem Dafoe, DIRTY GOD (2019) by Sasha Polak, ELECTRIC GIRL (2019) by Ziska Riemann, COBAIN (2017) by Nanouk Leopold, THE DAY MY FATHER BECAME A BUSH (2017) by Nicole van Kilsdonk, MONK (2017) by Ties Schenk, COUPLE IN A HOLE (2015) by Tom Geens, LA TIERRA ROJA (2015) by Diego Martinez Vignatti, BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS (2015) by Diederick Koopal, ZURICH (2015) by Sacha Polak, SPUTNIK (2013) by Marco Dietrich, VALENTINO (2012) by Remy van Heugten, LENA (2011) by Christophe Van Rompaey and many more.

A Private View also produced its first drama series AMIGOS (10 episodes of 45 min.) that garnered critical acclaim and was an audience success. The series was created and written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Pierre De Clercq. The directors were Kadir Balci and Hendrik Moonen. AMIGOS was selected for the television festivals of Biarritz, Geneva and Detroit and has been optioned for a English remake. A Private View also produced the animated series RUSTY with Lemming Film (broadcast on EEN) and the mini series STORM LARA for Streamz.

In 2018, Mockingbird Productions was set up, a joint venture between A Private View and De Filistijnen, which will focus on producing series for television. At present, the company is wholly owned by A Private View. Mockingbird Productions has produced the drama series A GOOD YEAR (2022) and the animated series MISTER PAPER and RUSTY season 2. The series LAURA H. is currently under production, together with Tomtit (NL).

A Private View is developing DUST written by Angelo Tijssens and directed by Anke Blondé, MESOPOTAMIA CAFÉ by director Sahim Omar Kalifa, OMHELZING OP DE EIERMARKT directed by Pieter De Buyser, SKATE OR HATE written by Wendy and Domien Huyghe and WATERWOLF by director Ann-Julie Vervaeke.


Dries Phlypo


van Rijckeghem

Company Highlights



Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Domien Huyghe

Screenplay:     Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Wendy Huyghe

Cast:                Saar Rogiers, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Sverre Rous, Dunia Elwaleed, Valentijn Dhaenens


A North Sea fisherman dies at sea in mysterious circumstances. Determined to prove it was not an accident, his 12-year-old daughter Lena states it was the work of a sea monster. Lena’s relentless push against the tide reveals a tale of anger and grief, yet also of the strength and comfort the ocean provides.


Berlinale Generation 2023


INSIDE  2023

Format:           Feature film

Director:         Vasilis Katsoupis

Screenplay:     Ben Hopkins

Cast:                Willem Dafoe, Gene Bervoets, Josia Krug


After a robbery goes wrong, art thief Nemo finds himself trapped in a swanky New York penthouse. Locked in by the high-end security system and surrounded by nothing but priceless works of art, he must fight to survive.


Berlinale Panorama 2023


OINK 2022

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Mascha Halberstad

Screenplay:     Fiona van Heemstra, based on the book by Tosca Menten

Cast:                Hiba Ghafry, Kees Prins, Jelka Van Houten, Henry Van Loon, Matsen Montsma, Loes LucaJohnny, Kraajkamp
Alex Klaasen, Remko Vrijdag.


When 9-year-old Babs receives a pig named Oink as a present from her grandfather Tuitjes, she has a hard time convincing her parents that she can keep it. But her parents are not the biggest threat to Oink. Grandfather is taking part in a sausage competition organized by The Society for Meat Products from Fresh Pigs.


Berlinale Generation Kplus 2022 Opening Film


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