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anti-racism taskforce
for European film

The EPC is supporting ARTEF actions to tackle institutional racism in the European film industry.

Visit their website:

"In June 2020, a tsunami of anti-racism protests made us all acutely aware of the need to fundamentally address the issue of institutional racism, also in Europe - and also in the European film industry.

Since then, a group of 30 heads of European film institutions, associations, funds and industry platforms (see a list of members below) have gathered virtually on a bi-monthly basis to undergo education and training with the aim to eradicate hidden and institutionalized racism in our field.

We have now completed the first year of training.

This is only the beginning of our work against racism in the European film industry.


Over summer 2021, the steering committee is working on ARTEF's long-term strategy."


ARTEF co-organized a conference on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival 2021, with Collectif 50/50; fighting for gender equality in the audiovisual industry.

You can watch the replay of their panel: Diversity and gender equality in film and television industry

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