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Caligari Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH was founded in 1986 by Gabriele M. Walther. Caligari Film is the market leader in animation in Germany and is one of the leading independent production companies in the German film and TV market. Whilst 30 years in business Caligari Film continually created outstanding programs in all genres with numerous productions awarded.


Caligari introduced the sitcom genre to Germany as coproduction partner of Columbia TriStar International and produced more than 5 sitcom shows in the 90s. From 2000 onwards Caligari produced amongst others the most successful German sitcom show with over 80 episodes for Sat1 over a time span of 8 years. The feature film and end-time thriller Hell received rave reviews and six nominations for the German Film Prize. A separate division of Caligari Film is Caligari Animation, with most of the big children brands in Germany, such asPrincess Lillifee  or Coconut the Little Dragon. As Germany’s leading animation production company, Caligari turns the brands into feature films as well as long running series. They are mostly produced in English as original language and sold worldwide.


In addition to its head office in Munich, Caligari Films has subsidiaries in Stuttgart (Traffix Entertainment for animation programs), Cologne (Caligari Entertainment) and Berlin (Synergy film for live-action productions); Caligari International (Munich) handles international co-productions and world sales.

Gabriele M. Walther






Genre:              Comedy, Adventure, Family Entertainment

Director:           Anthony Powe

Screenplay:      Anthony Power, Gabriele M. Walther, Mark Slate

Cast:                 Max von der Groeben, Carolin Kebekus, Dustin Semmelrogge, 


Coconut the little dragon is thrilled about going to summer camp with his best friends, the Gourmet Dragon Oscar and the porcupine Matilda. Together with some other Gourmet and Fire Dragons the friends take off to their vacations on the jungle islands. But the adventure they wished for turns out tougher than expected: Their ship snags a rock and sinks. Everyone abandons ship and during the confusion, Matilda gets lost. While the rest of the group tries to reach the camp for safety, unaware of mysterious plant tendrils snaking after them, Coconut and Oscar search for their best friend. Into the bargain the vacation group gets into trouble with some Water Dragons, who seem to be anything but friendly. But soon Coconut makes friend with the shy waterdragon Wart.Coconut the Little Dragon - Into the Jungle  is the sequel of the box office hit Coconut the Little Dragon - True Friendship is Fireproof from 2014.

World Premiere at Toronto IFF




HELL  2011

Genre:            Thriller

Director:         Tim Fehlbaum

Screenplay:    Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl, Thomas Wöbke

Cast:                Hannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Lars Eidinger, Angela Winkler, Lisa Vicari


It was once the source of life, light, and warmth. But now the sun has turned the entire world into a baked and barren wasteland. Forests are scorched. Animal carcasses line the roads. Even the nights are dazzling bright. Marie, her little sister Leonie and Phillip are heading for the mountains in a car with covered windows. Rumor has it there is still water there. Along the way, they run into Tom, a first-rate mechanic that becomes indispensable. But can they trust him? Tension grows in the small group. As if things weren´t bad enough, they are lured into an ambush. Their real battle for survival begins…



German Film Award 2012 (Category Best Film Music)

6 nominations for the German Film Prize
Best Film Award Fantasporto (Best Actress: Hannah Herzsprung)

Bavarian Film Award 2011 (Film Editing)

44. Festival International de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya (Best Camera).





Genre:             Comedy / Adventure / Family Entertainment

Director:         Hubert Weiland, Jan Stoltz

Screenplay:     Mark Slater, Gabriele M. Walther

Cast:                Anton Petzold, Axel Prahl


Sharky is unable to read or write or even count properly. But those things aren't important to "The terror of the seas!" and are offset by a huge ego. With Mikey, a normal young boy who's ordered life has broken out in a completely new direction due to Sharky's spontaneity, and Bonnie, a troubleshooting girl who tends to assume command in every situation much to Sharky's dismay, they will enjoy seafaring adventures of plunder, pillage and piracy as they thwart the plans of arch enemies The Admiral and Old Bill the Pirate. It starts as a pure alliance of convenience, but along the way, they will explore themes of friendship, fairness, loyalty, tolerance and what it means to be a hero. 

Award for best German voice actor (Axel Prahl) - Festival of animated film Stuttgart 2018

Goldener Spatz Erfurt 2018 

Cinemagic Dublin 2018


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