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 Producer and Founder of SPACE Production 


 Producer and Founder of SPACE Production


SPACE is a full-cycle production company, as well as a creative producer's center, generating content for Ukraine and worldwide. The very first SPACE Production projects, the docudrama «The Blind» and the detective «The Trace», took the leading position among all the projects aired on the STB channel.


The company produces comedies, detective stories, sports dramas, melodramas etc. In 2020-2021 SPACE Production became the leader in the number of episodes, produced for Ukrainian television, according to a study by Independent Research. In April 2022 Space Production opened its European HQ in Paris.


SPACE Production's filmography includes the following projects: TV series "The Last Axel" (original for MEGOGO online platform, 2021), "Unfaithful" (STB, 2021), "The Water Police" (Ukraine TV channel, 2022), "The Folks" (1+1, 2020), "The Trace" (STB, 2020 until present), "The Blind" (STB, 2020 until present), documentary "ART in WAR" (ARTE, 2023), feature film "Music Under the Bombs" (in production) etc. 

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Water Police     2022

Genre:             Series

Director:         Sergei Krymsky

Cast:                ​Alexander Formanchuk, Evgeny Sinchukov, Oleksandr Mavrits, Margo Balasanyan, Katerina Skripko, Arthur Shuripa, Mila Rimar, Roman Mulenko

If we are forced to leave our country, then what happens? The Danish population will be dispersed in all directions. Only houses, schools, and empty streets are left… as the water slowly encroaches on the land. Those who can afford it travel to good countries. Those who are less well-off have to leave on a government-funded program headed for more challenging places. Families, friends, and loved ones will be separated. Hatred and division will arise among some, love and reconciliation will grow among others. In a flash, all property is worthless, all prosperity changed, and fortune among the traveling Danes smiles only on a lucky few.

Art in War    2023

Genre:             Documentary

Director:         Anders Berthelsen & Rune

The film Art in War features musicians Andrei Khlyvnyuk and Taras Topolia, Ukrainian superstars who had performed in Europe and in the US. In 2022 they took up arms and went to defend their country. The filming of the musicians took place on the front, where the film crew talked to them about the role of art in war.

The first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska speaks exclusively in the film. The interview touches upon the topic of changing attitudes of other countries towards Ukrainian art and its artists.

Famous Ukrainian sculptors, artists, actors and art critics also took part in the film.

The Last Axel  2020

Genre:              Drama/Comedy          

Director:          Thomas Vinterberg

Screenplay:      Thomas Vinterberg.

Cast:                 Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang

Four high school teachers and friends decide to test a theory that humans are born with a blood alcohol content deficiency of 0.05% and that being at 0.05% makes one more creative and relaxed. The results are startling. Both teaching and achievements improve, and the friends begin to feel alive again. Over time, the experiment moves forward for some and off track for others.

The Academy Award-winning feature achieved widespread acclaim worldwide, winning dozens of international awards including an Oscar, a BAFTA, a César and a European Film Award.



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