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Cornelsen Films, set up in 2009 in Berlin, is producing high-quality features and native 3D content.


Cornelsen Films has produced Germanys first real 3D action Teaser ‘Killing Bee 3D and the first German Street Dance Film Berlin Dance Battle 3D shot in native 3D.


The filmography of Cornelsen Films includes: Ex - The Movie by George Markakis (shooting), Kia and Cosmos (2018) a feature film by Sudipto Roy (completed), Teenage Werewolf (2018) (postproduction) a feature film by Julian Richberg, The Last Berliner (2018) 95 min. a thriller by Gregor Erler (completed). 16 Women/16 Zan, (2017) 85 min. by Bahar Ebrahim, a documentary of 16 women from 20-80 from Teheran/ Iran,Children's Show (2015) 90 min. by Roderic Cabrido, 37 (2014) 95 min. by Chris Brügge, India Blues (2013) 93 min. by George Markakis, Simplifie Your Soul (2012), 95 min. directed by Markus Boestfleisch. Berlin Dance Battle 3D (2011) 101 min. by Robert Franke, Streedance-Feature, Berlin Street Dance Championship – Coverage (2010), 80 min. by R.Franke, Killing Bee 3D (2009), trailer, 10 min. directed by award-winning Director Raymond Boy.


Christopher Cornelsen worked for Tucano Film as well, for which he has produced The Race”95 min,(2009), directed by André Nebe (co-production IR/D).

Christopher Cornelsen





Genre:             Thriller

Director:          Gregor Erler

Screenplay:     Gregor Erler

Cast:                Matthias Ziesing, Moritz Heidelbach, Pegah Ferydoni, Tom Keune Berlin.


Berlin. The last not renovated building in a posh neighborhood is being vacated. All of the tenants have moved out, only Dietmar (67) refuses to do so. His son Tobias (32) has tried to convince him to move into a council flat, but his father is being resistant. He won’t leave the place he lived in for 40 years. The situation comes to a head between Tobias, his father and the agent, when the young policewoman, Shirin, appears at the doorstep. One thing leads to another, the situation is escalating out of control. While Shirin tries to settle things with Tobias, the extent of his father's humiliation is being revealed. Is that all? What are father and son really up to? When tension is rising, it’s quickly clear that the truth is complex and many things in this play far from what they seemed at first ...

HOF International Filmfestival: nominated for: Best Director, Best Costume Design, Best Scene Design.




Genre:             Documentary

Director:          Bahar Ebrahim

Screenplay:     Bahar Ebrahim

Cast:                Mrs. Mehri age 80, Ghasemi 70, Farzaneh 50, Azita 40, and 14 other wonderful Women from Teheran


The film revolves around a 15-year-old girl diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorders, who lives with her single mother, and her audacious journey from Kolkata to Kalimpong whilst writing a mystery novel. A series of twists and turns aid the unfolding of a heartwarming journey of India’s first teenage-girl-detective- Story.

Glasgow IFF, Nominated for: Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography, Best Director Foreign Language

Milano IFF




Genre:             Drama

Director:         Roderic Cabrido

Screenplay:     Ralston Jover

Cast:                Alan Dizon, Gloria Sevilla, Nathan Lopez, Robert Villar, Divine Aucina


Children’s Show is a movie based on a true occurrence and it tells the story of adolescents aged from 10 to 15, who are forced to live on Wrestling/ Streetfight. Jun and Al live with their grandmother in the Slums near Quezon City (Philippines). To survive they are participating in secret, illegal, and brutal street fights. The money is barely enough to cover the basic needs. When then their father shows up again, heavily drunk & demands cash, things take a turn for worse..

Fantasporto - Orient Express Section Special Jury Award
Gwangju International Film Festival - Excellent Asia-Pacific Young Director Award

Fantastic Cinema Festival - 12 Awards

Grand Jury Award Best Screenplay

Special Jury Award Feature Film

Fantastic Cinema Emerging Filmmaker

Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival - Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound

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