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The Board of the European Producers Club has met today on the occasion of the San Sebastian Film festival, in order to consider the challenges of the industry, and how the EPC can reflect on and answer them.

The EPC has been growing very significantly over the past years, gathering today 185 independent production companies coming from 32 countries in Europe plus Canada. The most recent production companies joining include : Notorious and Greenboo from Italy, Tellfilm from Switzerland, Cineteve from France, Paradox from Norway, Moviebar from Hungary, Leonine Studios from Germany, covering the full diversity of European creative film and series production, in terms of countries and type of companies represented.


The EPC continues to welcome Ukrainian production companies, in a safe space, where they can continue their work, in the best possible conditions.


On the political side, the awareness about the vital role of independent production companies when it comes to creating and retaining the IP in the works they have produced has been one of the main objectives over the past 3 years. The ownership of IP, in terms of rights and remuneration linked to the exploitation of the IP, still represents a huge challenge for the promotion of a fair and balanced ecosystem.


This meeting was also the occasion to announce the first edition of the EPC Encounters, a meeting of 70 producers and guests to debate and discuss the major issues affecting screen content production as well as celebrating the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the EPC, to be held in the Canary Islands, with the support of SPEGC Gran Canaria.

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