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As a young Rome-based TV and film production company, Fabula Pictures is focused on creating innovative concepts with a fresh approach. From concept development to final delivery, Fabula Pictures’ aim is to deliver top quality stories that entertain and inspire different audiences. The high quality of our movies and TV series appeal equally to both domestic and international markets. Founded by brothers and producers Nicola and Marco De Angelis, both with an extensive expertise in filmmaking, Fabula Pictures is proud to present a new and innovative way of creating successful television dramas and intriguing feature films.








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BABY  2018

Format:            TV series

Genre:              Teen drama

Director:          Andrea De Sica, Anna Negri, Letizia Lamartire

Screenplay:     Isabella Aguilar, Giacomo Durzi

Cast:                Benedetta Porcaroli, Alice Pagani, Riccardo Mandolini, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Isabella Ferrari, Claudia Pandolfi,                                     Tommaso Ragno


The hidden lives of Parioli teens, a dark coming of age inspired by a 2014 real-life scandal dubbed ‘Baby squillo’. Grown up in Rome’s “posh” neighbourhood, sixteen years old Chiara and Ludovica live a double life: they attend a renowned private high school by day, and become underaged escort by night. Their rich friends and respectable families suspect nothing, in spite of the increasingly reckless actions carried out by the two girls.

Started as a game, nothing more than a fast way to gain easy money, soon the prostitution ring - led by sketchy people - become a dark hole for Chiara and Ludovica, threatening to swallow all their lives. The only path to salvation is through love. But, as every teenager can tell you, at that age it can be easier to hate themselves, instead of taking care for each other. The struggle is real, not just for Chiara and Ludovica but for everyone of the main characters.




Format:            Feature Film

Genre:              Musical / Drama

Director:          Marco Danieli

Screenplay:     Isabella Aguilar

Cast:                Michele Riondino, Laura Chiatti, Valeria Bilello, Thomas Trabacchi


A Musical feature film with Lucio Battisti top hits. Love at first sight, Francesca and Matteo met during the ‘70s in Puglia. We follow their journey through the years, while they struggle to build a solid relationship between them, fighting against a ever changing role of the women in society, a new concept of families, an increasingly stressful working life... We fell for their victories and suffer for their losses, caught in a whirlwind of romance carried on by the immortal lyrics of Lucio Battisti and Mogol’s songs and the innovative choreography especially ideated by Luca Tommassini.