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Since 1982, Films Vision 4 has produced 26 feature films, from dramas and thrillers, to family films and comedies. 

Films Vision 4 is the feature film division of Telefiction, a highly respected Canadian production company and a major producer of live action children’s series in Canada. Its impressive catalogue totals over 1300 episodes of quality content for children that have been – and still are – broadcasted across Canada as well as around the world.

Its President and Producer Claude Veillet completed a Master Degree in Communication Management at Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California in 1979. 


Films Vision 4 is one branch of a creative group that has over thirty years of experience and is known for its professional approach as well as for the diversity and originality of its productions.

Claude Veillet


Annie Blais




Genre:             Comedy, Romance

Director:           Nicolas Monette

Screenplay:    India Desjardins (Novel), Simon-Olivier Fecteau

Cast:               Marianne Verville, Édith Cochrane, Genevieve Chartrand, Lou-Pascal Tremblay

In her previous adventure, Aurélie Laflamme was looking for her place in the universe. Tweo years later, she is now looking for her place in life. We meet her at the end of high school, where she faces the obstacles and rites of passage of this incredible stage of life. Senior uear: a uear bursting with choices, where she descovers the differnce between dreams and realit, where she must set aside a past that she is not ready to leace, before she jumps into the unknown, into her future. 

San Diego International Kid's Film Festival


Schlingel Film Festival

MIFO Orleans

Boston Kids

Spirit of Fire




Genre:             Family, Fantasy

Director:         Christian Laurence

Screenplay:     India Desjardins, Christian Laurence

Cast:                Marianne Verville, Genevieve Chartrand, Aliocha Schneider


Aurelie Laflamme feels alone in the world, especially since her father’s death five years ago. What if her father had been an alien who left Earth to return to his own planet? In that case, Aurelie would be an alien too. That would explain many things such as why she feels different from others, especially her mother, why she can’t string two words together without making a mistake, and why boys really get on her nerves. Through the pages of her diary, Aurelie confides her joys and sorrows, successes and failures, love and friendships, and tries to find her place.


New York International Children’s Film Festival

Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival

Schilingel International Film Festival 

Film Francophone de Namur 

Seoul International Family Flim Festival 

A Teuld Aievnice International Children's Film Festival



Genre:             Action, Drama

Director :        Mariloup Wolfe

Screenplay:    Vincent Bolduc

Cast :              Laurence Leboeuf, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Éric Bruneau    

Trained skydiver, Rafaël, 20 years old, can’t find his place on this Earth and is only happy in a single spot; the sky. But when he watches his dream of becoming a pilot slip away, he firmly hangs on to skydiving, living off freedom and adrenalin. Surrounded by his two best friends, Charles and Manu, he glides between dream and escape, multiplying his adventures and intense sensations. This new Rafaël who acts impulsively and with no tomorrow, will raise questions between his friends, adding fuel to fire and waking sleeping demons.

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