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Graduate at Eurodoc 2007 and Eave 2006, he has a master in Script and Romance. He is responsible for North Italy Area of CNA industry Cinema and Audiovisual Association. He likes traveling and discovering new people and new ideas, this pushes him to find in every project the correct path to achieve the best result with the right partner. Following this philosophy, the companies aim to become a Co-production crossing point for the international project. We like to interpret the cultural, technological and economic transformations of nowadays cinema, and documentary market, creating operas affordable to giving voice to the emerging authors with a high artistic level of productions.


have a high emotional impact and that are able to tell strong stories with a small number of characters. The aim is to give life to those films capable of showing us another side of reality, different to the one portrayed by the mass media, which can be considered into a continental philosophical perspective, referred to nineteenth and
The company has a policy of producing quality films that focus on social aspects, the t
wentieth-century philosophical ideas (specifically in the form of film aesthetics and film theory). We believe in presenting the quality film to the audience in order to make it more exigent and less subordinate to the commercial market.

In this perspective Gagarin tries to renovate the genre, giving an author point of view to the genre’s language. In this way, any project that Gagarin takes in consideration becomes a real challenge for a new audience and new markets.

services. Organization of Cinema’s events, training
Specialties: Executive production in Cinema and Documentary Projects. Cinema 
and audiovisual market project.

Franco Bocca Gelsi






Genre:                Docu-Fiction

Director:            Marco Bonfanti

Remastering:    Marco Bonfanti

Cast:                  Renato Zucchelli, Piero Lombardi, Lucia Zucchelli



A journey through the incredible story of Renato Zucchelli, the last traveling shepherd living in a metropolis, who conquered the city with only his sheep and the power of fantasy.


Selected at Tokyo, Dubai, Torino and Sundance International Film Festival




Genre:               Drama, Comedy    

Director:           Federico Rizzo

Screenplay:      Federico Rizzo, Emanuele Caputo, Nerina Fiumanò, Alessandro Leone

Cast:                Angelo Pisani, Isabella Tabarini, Paolo Pierobon, Debora Villa


The film tells the story of Gianfranco’s life’s chronicles and his love affairs. He’s a young precariously guy, just graduated with honors in volcanology, but ends up working in a call center. Meanwhile Marzia, his girlfriend, is forced to work as a receptionist in an erotic phone to pay her
studies and the necessities for living with Gianfranco. The contrast between the expectations and the reality of a tough lifestyle ends up affecting their relationship.


Crystal Agave prize for Best Italian movie for dialogues’ quality, Winner at 10th edition of Sguardi di cinema italiano, Best film and best actor at Corolla Film Festival, Best film at Lodi Città Film Festival and also at Mantova Festival.





Genre:           Drama
Director:        Paolo Vari e Antonio Bocola
Screenplay : Paolo Vari, Antonio Bocola, Cristina Proserpio, Francesco Scarpelli, Gianfilippo Pedote, Marco Berrini
Cast:             Marco Foschi, Matteo Gianoli, Valeria Solarino


Two friends continue to be in the square where they met as children and where they grew up together, with the children of the urban periphery, the so-called zarri. Now have two different lives, one lives doing the «pusher», the other has a job «regular» very strenuous and poorly paid. But they continue to see each other and respect each other, as long as each other you do not enter a beautiful girl, which both fall in love.



Annecy Film Festival 2004: Magna Grecia Film
Grand Slam – Audience Award – Best Actor - Best First Opera 
2004: Festival Cinema & Lavoro di
Best First Opera and Best Debuting Actress Terni 2004: Special Mention
Vieste Film Fest 2004:
Special Mention
Dolly d’Oro Award Giuseppe De Santis 2004 to the direction
60° International Film Festival Venezia «Nuovi Territori» / Copenhagen International Film Festival
2004, in competition / Shangai Film Festival 2005 Panorama section / SulmonaCinema
Film Festival 2003 / Goteborg Film Festival 2004 / Wurzburg International Film Festival 2004

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