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In Film Praha was founded in 1993 by the experienced producer Rudolf Biermann.

In Film produced artistically successful films such as Martin Sulik’s THE GARDEN, ORBIS PICTUS, THE LANDSCAPE or CIGAN or Ivan Fila’s award-winning KING OF THIEVES. In addition to critically acclaimed films, InFilm also produced many box office hits such as FROM THE SUBWAY WITH LOVE (dir. Filip Renc) and THE HOLIDAY MAKERS by Jiri Vejdelek, both scoring at festivals, such as Toronto or Tribeca IFF. In 2006 InFilm co-produced Jiri Menzel’s I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND, which gained many awards in Czech Republic as well as abroad. In Film also cooperates with a popular Czech director Jan Hrebejk, and produced films suchas SHAMELESS, KAWASAKI ́S ROSE and INNOCENCE. All three films had gained success atinternational festivals, such as Berlinale, Toronto or Karlovy Vary and were also distributed abroad (USA, France, Germany).

In 2011 last film with Martin Sulik GYPSY, was made, it was premiered at Toronto and Karlovy Vary, distributed worldwide by MK2 and bought by ARTE TV. From 2011 In Film started its cooperation with Alice Nellis with PERFECT DAYS, REVIVAL premiered in 2013 at IFFKV and awarded by Audience Award and ANGELS, premiered in 2014. In 2015 was premiered last IN Film project DODGEBALL directed by Petr Nikolaev. A PROMINENT PATIENT was then released, which screened at last year’s Berlinale and was awarded the record number of 12 Czech Lions, including a Lion for the best film and director (Julius Ševcík). Last yearthe film THE INTERPRETER was realeased in 68th Berlinale and is nominated by Slovakia toOscars Foreign Language Film. Nowadays there is a new film - THE GLASS ROOM, directedby Julius Ševcík The film was adapted from British author Simon Mawer’s famous novel thatwas inspired by dramatic events of the 20th century and by the birth of an iconic architectural gem – the Tugendhat Villa in Brno. The lead roles feature a number of European and Czech stars such as Carice van Houten, Hanna Alström and Claes Bang, Karel Roden and Karel Dobry.

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Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:          Julius Sevci

Screenplay:     Andrew Shaw, based on the novel by Simon Mawe

Cast:                Carice van Houten, Hanna Altröm, Karel Roden, Claes Bang, Rolland Moller


High on a Czechoslovak hill, the Landauer House shines as a marvel of steel and glass and onyx. Built specially for newlyweds Viktor and Liesel Landauer, a Jew married to a gentile, it is one of the wonders of modernist architecture. But the radiant honesty and idealism of 1930 that the house seems to engender quickly tarnishes as the storm clouds of World War Two gather. Eventually, as Nazi troops enter the country, the family, accompanied by Viktor’s lover Kata and her child Marika, must flee. Yet the family’s exile does not signify the end of this spectacular building. It slips from hand to hand, from Czech to Nazi to Soviet and finally back to the Czechoslovak state, the crystalline perfection of THE GLASS ROOM always exerting a gravitational pull on those who know it. It becomes a laboratory, a shelter from the storm of war, and a place where the broken and the ruined find some kind of comfort, until with the collapse of Communism, the Landauers are finally drawn back to where their story began.



Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:         Martin Šulík

Screenplay:     Marek Lešcák, Martin Šulík

Cast:                 Peter Simonischek, Jirí Menzel, Zuzana Mauréry


80-year-old Ali Ungár comes across a book by a former SS officer describing his wartime activities in Slovakia. He realises his parents were executed by him. He sets out to take revenge but finds instead his 70-year-old son, Georg, a retired teacher. Georg who had avoided his father all his life, decides to find out more about him and offers Ali to be his interpreter. The two old men that everything opposes embark on a bittersweet journey to meet surviving witnesses of the wartime tragedy. They discover a country eager to forget its past. They realize their memories are fragments mixed with their imagination and interpretation. They connect in silence and manage to discover their own identity.


Berlinale 2018: Berlinale Special



Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama, History

Director:          Julius Sevcik

Screenplay:     Alex Königsmark, Petr Kolecko, Julius Sevcik

Cast:               Bolek Polívka, Miroslav Krobot, Karel Hermánek, Marián Geisberg


It is 1939. Flamboyant Czech diplomat Jan Masaryk has fled to America to escape his recent past. Germany has invaded Czechoslovakia and Masaryk is now a man with no nation. In America he tries to forget the personal and political betrayal he and his country have suffered but these events shadow his every step. As the Czechoslovak ambassador in London, Masaryk failed to win the support of the British and could not avert the ruination of his country. With the help of Dr. Stein, an emigré German psychiatrist, and the beautiful writer Marcia Davenport, Masaryk tries to overcome his demons and re-live the dramatic events leading to the outbreak
of the second world war.

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