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Company Profile

Micro_scope is one of the most important feature film production companies in Canada. Founded in 2002, the company mainly focuses on the development and production of innovative, relevant and accessible feature films. Led by producers Luc Déry and Kim McCraw, Micro_scope strives to make sure each of the company’s films reaches its full distribution potential.


Led by producers Luc Déry and Kim McCraw, Micro_Scope strives to make sure each of the company's films reaches its full potential. 


Micro_Scope has produced over 15 features that have distinguished themselves in many international festivals, notably in Cannes, Venise, Berlin, Locarno, Sundance, and Toronto. 


Among those, Incendies (Denis Villeneuve) and Monsieur Lazhar (Philippe Falardeau) have been nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film. 

Luc Déry


Kim McCraw


Company Highlights



Genre:            Drama

Director:        Yan Giroux

Screenplay:    Yan Giroux & Guillaume Corbeil 

Cast:               Martin Dubreuil, Ceéline Bonnier, Henri Picard


All his life, Yves dedicated himself to poetry, carrying his suitcase to any couch that would have him. When he storms into Dyane's life, a graphic designer who falls his charms, her son Marc immediately disapproves of this eccentric stranger in hi smother's bed. But the studious teenager soon finds that Yves' rebel ways are contagious and he begins to explore his own artistic side. Meanwhile, the poet feels increasingly trapped in his new conjugal life and decided to sabotage his relationships in a great outburst, before fleeing to the countryside. No alone at the end of the world, he realizes his words don't mean anything if there is no one to read them. Freely inspired by the life and world of Quebec poet Yves Boisvert (1950-2012), this film tells a story of a man's quest for the absolute, fighting so his artistic heritage won't be forever lost between two cookbooks. 




Genre:               Drama

Director:           Carlos & Jason Sanchez

Screenplay:       Carlos & Jason Sanchez

Cast:                  Evan Rachel Wood, Julia Sarah Stone, Deni O'Hare


ALLURE follows a thirty-year-old woman, troubled by her past and struggling with a dysfunctional relationship with her father, who seeks sexual and emotional fulfillment through a series of failed relationships. Her life changes, however when she befriends and convinces an unhappy sixteen-year-old girl to run away to her house, under the guise of a confidante who wants to help. Although the arrangement initially works, it soon becomes clear that for the young girl to stay and continue satisfying her needs, the older woman will have to employ immoral tactics. Manipulation, denial and co-dependency duel what ultimately becomes a fractured dynamic that can only sustain itself for so long. 


World premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 

Filmfest Hamburg

Busan International Film Festival

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

International Film Festival of India

Whistler Film Festival 

Palm Springs International Film Festival 

Toronto International Film Festival Canada's Top Ten Film Festival 

Guadalajara International Film Festival






Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Philippe Falardeau

Screenplay:     Philippe Falardeau

Cast:                Patrick Huard, Suzanne Clément, Irdens Exantus 


Guibord is an independent Member of Parliament who represents Prescott-Makadewà-Rapides-aux Outardes, a vast county in Northern Quebec. As the entire country watches, Guibord unwillingly finds himself in the awkward position of holding the decisive vote to determine whether Canada will go to war. Accompanied by his wife, his daughter and an idealistic intern from Haiti named Souverain (Sovereign) Pascal, Guibord travels across his district in order to consult his constituents. While groups of lobbyists get involved in a debate that spins out of control, the MP will have to face his own conscience. My Internship in Canada is a biting political satire in which politicians, citizens and lobbyists fo head-to-head tearing democracy to shreds. 


Locarno Film Festival

World premiere Toronto International Film Festival 

Filmfest Hamburg 

Kiev International Film Festival (Molodist)

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Tromso International Film Festival 

Quebecine MX Film Festival, Mexico





Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Stéphane Lafleur

Screenplay:     Stéphane Lafeur

Cast:                Julianne Côté, Catherine St-Laurent, Francis La Haye, Simon Larouche, Godefroy Reding 


Making the most of the family home while her parents are away, Nicole (22) is enjoying a peaceful summer with her best friend Véronique. When Nicole's older brother shows up with his band to record an album, the girl's friendship is put to a test. Their vacation takes an unexpected turn, punctuated by a heatwave, Nicole's growing insomnia and the persistent courtship of a 10-year-old boy. Tu Dors Nicole takes a humorous look at the beginning of adulthood and all its possibilities. 


Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival 

Sydney International Film Festival 

Toronto International Film Festival

Mill Valley International Film Festival 

Rotterdam International Film Festival 

Los Cabos International Film Festival 

Palm Springs International Film Festival 

Göteborg International Film Festival 

New Director, New Films presented at MoMA 

AFI Fest 

Vancouver Filmfest Filmfest Hamburg Namur IFF





Genre: Drama

Director: Philippe Falardeau 

Screenplay: Philippe Falardeau

Cast: Mohamed Fellag, Sophie Nélisse, Émilien Néron 


At a Montréal public grade school, an Algerian immigrant is hired to replace a popular teacher who committed suicide in her classroom. While helping his students deal with their grief, his own recent loss is revealed.



Toronto International Film Festival - Best Canadian Feature Film 

Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Sydney festivals - Audience Awards

Locarno International Film Festival - Audience Awards / Variety Piazza Grande Award

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards 

Sundance Film Festival 

South by Southwest Film Festival

Filmfest Hamburg