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ORKA Studio is a producer and leader on the VFX and postproduction market, winning accolades in Poland and internationally. With over two decades of experience, it has the most advanced technology and greatest talent in the business. ORKA is a colourful company, focusing on cutting edge development, and always reaching for new artistic and technical challenges. Its philosophy is based on the simple rule of “Respect”: for PEOPLE, for NATURE, for PROJECTS and for ART.

 ORKA worked on over 100 feature films and documentaries and has been awarded multiple times in Poland and internationally. Its main goal are international coproductions, services, and cash rebates management


Recently produced and coproduced:  Gareth Jones (dir. Agnieszka Holland), What a Country (dir. Vinko Bresan),The River (dir. Emir Baigazin), Pity (dir. Babis Makridis), 7 Feelings  (dir.Marek Koterski,A Cat and a Dog (dir. Janusz Kondratiuk), Lullaby Killer (dir. Krzysztof Lang), Amok (dir. Kasia Adamik), The Man With the Magic Box (dir. Bodo Kox), Catalina (dir. Denijal Hasanovic), Stebuklas (dir. Egle Vertelyte), Barracuda (dir. Jason Curtland & Julia Happerin),Hearts and Fangs (dir. Janis Nords).






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Genre:              Drama, History

Director:          Agnieszka Holland

Screenplay:     Andrea Serdaru Barbul

Cast:                 Vanessa Kirby,  Peter Sarsgaard,  James Norton  


Based on real events, the dramatic thriller MR JONES chronicles a British investigative journalist as he travels deep into the Soviet Union to uncover an international conspiracy. His life-or-death journey inspires George Orwell's "Animal Farm". The director of the film is Agnieszka Holland.



Genre:              Drama

Director:          Vinko Bresan

Screenplay:     Mate Matisi

Cast:                 Goran Bogdan, NIksan Butijer, Daniel Olbrychski


The film is composed of three surreal stories, whose structure and interconnection are revealed as the stories unfold. Main characters are general, a minister, and a group of parents of different nationalities (Croats, Serbs and Bosniacs) - who steal the coffins with the remains of the late Croatian president Franjo Tudjman and Serbianpresident Slobodan Milošević in order to force their governments to finally find the graves of their children who were killed in the war.

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