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Palomar, founded by Carlo Degli Esposti in 1986, is one of the oldest Italian film and television production companies, leader in the drama sector for the major Italian broadcasters.

Since its inception, Palomar has worked in film and television production with drama, docu-dramas, films, information and entertainment programmes. Over 100 Palomar productions have been shown by the main broadcasters in the last 10 years.

Among the most recent TV productions: INSPECTOR MONTALBANO, BRACCIALETTI ROSSI, THE YOUNG MONTALBANO, I DELITTI DEL BARLUME, MALTESE, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, and the historical novels of VIGATA saga, based on the novels by Andrea Camilleri.

For the cinema, Palomar has produced films that have won awards and critical acclaim such as: LEOPARDI, FEATHER, THE FURY OF A PATIENT MAN, THE HAPPY PRINCE, PIRANHAS, awarded the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the Berlin Film Festival in 2019 and HIDDEN AWAY, directed by Giorgio Diritti and awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020 for Elio Germano's performance. In 2019, Palomar entered into an important partnership with Mediawan, the largest French producer of audio-visual contents.

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Company Highlights



Genre:             Drama
Director:         Claudio Giovannesi
Screenplay:     Roberto Saviano, Maurizio Braucci, Claudio Giovannesi
Cast:                Francesco di Napoli, Renato Carpentieri, Ar Tem, Viviana Aprea

Naples. Nicola and his friends are fifteen years old. They want to make money, buy cool clothes and brand new scooters. They play with weapons and ride around the city to take power in the district of Sanità. With the illusion of bringing justice to the neighborhood, they chase good through evil. They love each other like brothers, they don’t fear prison nor death, knowing their only chance is to risk everything, now. They experience war with the irresponsibility of adolescence, but their criminal activities soon lead them to the irreversible sacrifice of love and friendship.

69th Berlin International Film Festival – Silver Bear for the Best Screenplay



Genre:             Biopic
Director:         Giorgio Diritti
Screenplay:     Giorgio Diritti, Tania Pedroni in collaboration with Alfredo Valla
Cast:                Elio Germano

Based on the life of the Italian painter Antonio Ligabue – Toni or “El Tudesc”, as people called him – a lonely, scrawny, often mocked and humiliated man; the son of an emigrant Italian mother, deported back to Italy from Switzerland where he spent a difficult childhood. The meeting with the sculptor Renato Marino Mazzacurati will be his chance to return to painting: Toni will become an imaginative artist who paints a fantasy world of tigers, gorillas and jaguars on the banks of the Po. But above all else Toni paints himself, as if confirming his wish to exist beyond the rejection he had been enduring since childhood. Through painting Toni will embark on a journey of redemption in which he will discover art as the only way to form his identity.

70th Berlin International Film Festival – Silver Bear for the Best Actor Elio Germano

74th Edition of the Silver Ribbon – Ribbon of the Year to director Giorgio Diritti




(Co-production with 11 MARZO FILM and TELE MÜNCHEN GROUP in collaboration with RAI FICTION)

Genre:             Historical Drama
Director:         Giacomo Battiato
Screenplay:     Giacomo Battiato, Andrea Porporati, John Turturro, Nigel Williams
Cast:                John Turturro, Rupert Everett, Damian Hardung, Michael Emerson, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Stefano Fresi, Greta                              Scarano

Northern Italy, 1327. When brother William of Baskerville arrives at an isolated Benedictine abbey in the Alps, an important Debate is waiting for him. He must represent the Franciscan Order, supported by the future Holy Roman Emperor Louis of Bavaria, in the theological debate against the delegation of the French Pope John XXII, led by the aggressive Dominican Inquisitor Bernard Gui. Adso, a young Benedictine novice, travels with William. Having renounced the life imposed on him by his father, a baron who follows the Emperor, Adso has chosen William as the guide on his spiritual journey. Upon their arrival, the abbey instantly reveals itself to be unsettling, with a library that contains immeasurably invaluable manuscripts and several mysteries that still linger in the air. The assassination of the monk Adelmo sparks an elaborate series of criminal events that involve, one at a time, the monks of the abbey. William, on the orders of Abbot Abo, must seek out the identity and motive of the mysterious serial assassin to resolve the case before the theological debate.

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