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Petter J. Borgli worked from 1972 until 1976 as a freelance film worker. In 1976 he founded Filmeflfekt with Dag Alveberg. The company was Norway's first company supplying props, spécial effects and art department services to the Film and Television industry. Its services expanded to include production management mostly for foreign film companies shooting in Norway. In 1983 Filmeffekt became a production company and 'invented' Norway's first and so far only «tax-shelter scheme» for film production, financing and producing a large number of films, some of the more récent projects being: Cross my heart and hope to die (1994), by Marins Hoist, that received the European Filmacademy Blue Angel Award at the Berlin Film International Film Festival 1995, Insomnia (1997) by Erik Skjoldbjoerg chosen for the Directors Fortnight at The Cannes Filmfestival 1997and distributed Worldwide, Blindgoddess (1997), by Egon Kiønig, that received Amanda for best Norwegian feature fllm, Odd Little man (2000), by Stein Leikanger,Norway's admission to the Academy Awards. He also produced

Beautiful Country by Hans Petter Moland with Ed Pressman and Terrence Malick in 2003.

Petter Borgli


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Genre:              Drama

Director:          Vibeke Idsøe

Screenplay:      Vibeke Idsøe 

Cast:                 Rolf Lassgård, Burghart Klaussner, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Ken Duken, Connie Nielsen


In 1912 a girl is born covered with hair from head to toe. This leads initially to a life in isolation, but her exceptional intelligence will take her from a small railroad station community into the big world. A both emotionally gripping and fascinating story in the tradition of The Elephant Man (1980) and Mask (1985).



Genre:               Thriller

Director:           Stig Svendsen

Screenplay:      Stig Svendsen 

Cast:                  Kari Bremnes, Andre Sørum 


The explosion in the Kings Bay coal mine on Svalbard in 1963 took 21 lives. This led to a crisis that forced the sitting government to resign from the office. But what if the accident in the Kings Bay mine wasn't an accident? Two journalists come across information indicating something else was going on. This raises the question:" Who really controls the Arctic?" 



Genre:              Thriller

Director:           Juan Carlos Valdivia 

Screenplay:      Elio Oritiz

Cast:                 Juan Carlos Valdivia, Elio Ortiz, Felipe Román 

A filmmaker tracing the steps of Swedish explorer Erland Nordeskiold travels with a Guarani Indian from the highlands of La Paz to the swamps in the forests of South Eastern Bolivia, a place where uncontacted indigenous still exist. Philosophical Road Movie into the heart of Guarani culture of Bolivia translates ancient knowledge and explores the importance of the other in the construction of our identity. 

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