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Head of International, Executive Producer


Head of Drama


Head of Business Affairs

Company Profile

Since its inception in 1999, ShinAwiL has produced some of the biggest and most well-loved TV shows in Ireland including: DANCING WITH THE STARS, HOME OF THE YEAR, DRAGONS' DEN, and THE APPRENTICE. 


In 2017, the company began developing a slate of scripted projects alongside our non-scripted ventures, forming fruitful partnerships with a variety of international co-producers. With projects backed by Screen Ireland, RTÉ, and various international distributors and studios, and several exciting projects in development, we continue to produce and develop a diverse slate of prestige scripted content. 


Some of our credits to date include: MISS SCARLET & THE DUKE for A&E International/Element 8, which premiered on PBS Masterpiece in 2021, upcoming feature film THE MIRACLE CLUB with Zephyr Films and starring Dame Maggie Smith, Laura Linney, & Kathy Bates, and 6-part Irish thriller CLEAN SWEEP with Incendo (Canada). Starring Charlene McKenna and Barry Ward, CLEAN SWEEP follows Shelly Mohan, who seems like an unassuming mother, but when a dark secret emerges from her past, she makes a fatal choice to prevent the truth from surfacing, and must hide in plain sight from her detective husband as the police begin closing in.

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Larry Bass

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Mary Callery

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Aaron Farrell

Upcoming Projects

COSTIGAN  2022/2023

Format:           Series 6x50’

Genre:             Crime, Thriller

Screenplay:     Gary Duggan

Status:             Financing


Vi Costigan, a former Merseyside Police detective is released from prison after unjustly serving time and painfully strains to reconnect with her family.When an old acquaintance and former lover is framed for murder, she investigates the crime from the opposite side of the law, competing with, and aiming to expose the corrupt police unit who turned her life inside out.

LOTTIE PARKER  2022/2023

Format:           Series 6x50’

Genre:             Crime, Drama

Screenplay:     Lauren McKenzie

Status:             Financing


The story takes place in an Irish midlands town, Ragmullin (population 20,000), just after Christmas. A woman’s body is found in the cathedral, strangled. Susan Sullivan, a public servant, has no enemies but no friends nor family either. When her colleague is found hanging from a tree some hours later, Detective Inspector Lottie Parker needs to find out how the two deaths are connected and why their bodies have the same tattoo on their thighs. Her investigation leads her to St. Angela’s, a children’s home from where in the seventies her own brother went missing never to be seen again. For Parker, recently widowed and juggling three children, a mother she can’t stand, and the biggest case of her career so far, everything is personal. The past will not stay buried…

NOBLE CAUSE  2022/2023

(In coproduction with Point Prod, Switzerland)

Format:           Series 6x50’ 

Genre:             Thriller

Screenplay:     Christian Wehrlin, Pascal Glatz, John Murphy

Status:             Financing

NOBLE CAUSE is a sophisticated, suspense-filled TV thriller in six parts featuring intrigue and betrayal amid the authentic setting of the United Nations at a crucial time in world history. The adventure begins when Victoria’s partner David Moreau is found dead in a Baghdad street. Officially, he was killed by muggers; but Victoria is convinced that he was killed because he was on the trail of an arms deal in connection with the Oil-for-Food programme. This sends Victoria on a mission to seek justice and expose corruption within the programme. She soon finds herself back in Geneva locked in a deadly battle as two powerful enemies fight for control of the Iraqi oil supply. When she unwittingly incriminates an innocent man, he too meets a violent death. Victoria’s quest for the truth now pits her against powerful Swiss lobbyist Anton Roos, a master manipulator with dark links to her own family history. The other is Nabil Abbas, an exiled and ruthless Iraqi businessman with an insatiable appetite for wealth and power. As events unfold, Victoria is forced to dig deep within herself and question everything she thought she stood for. With the body count rising amongst her friends and allies, Victoria presses on to a life-or-death showdown and a battle for her own soul.

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