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Founder, Producer

+7 495 639 91 43

Company Profile

Sputnik Vostok Production was founded by producer Alex Kessel in 2010. Our company creates high-quality TV series, TV shows, documentaries, and feature films for the Russian leading broadcasters and OTT platforms. We are the first Russian production company that had titles landed at both Amazon Prime (LONDONGRAD) and Netflix Original (BETTER THAN US).

Among other company’s titles are THE COUNTED (START OTT), DOCTOR'S DIARY (CTC Network), LAST COP (Channel 5) and others.

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Company Highlights


Format:           TV Series

Genre:             Sci-fi, Drama

Director:         Andrey Dzhunkovskiy

Screenplay:     Alexander Dagan, Asya Guseva, Koshkina Marina

Cast:                Paulina Andreeva, Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Ustyugov, Olga Lomonosova


The story takes place in 2029, where androids serve humans in various positions, even replacing them in many menial jobs. China’s one-child policy has led to a critical shortage of marriageable women, so an engineer designs an advanced robot named Arisa. She is programmed to be a wife to a man and mother to adopted children, and she does not abide by Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. She is designed to protect her family, which includes herself. However, her creator dies and Arisa is sold to the Russian robotics firm CRONOS.[7] Arisa accidentally kills a man at CRONOS who tried to use her as a sex robot, and she then flees. She encounters little Sonia and automatically bonds with her and makes herself the child’s guardian.

The series follows three storylines: that of Arisa and the family she adopts; the family’s son Egor Safronov and his girlfriend Zhanna as part of the anti-droid militant group called the «Liquidators»; and the secrets of Viktor Toropov, the head of CRONOS, as he tries to hide the fact that they cannot make another Arisa.



Format:           TV Series

Genre:             Mystery, Drama

Director:         Artyom Aksenenko

Screenplay:     Ekaterina Bachilo, Igor Tkachenko, Misha Shprits, Alexander Bachilo

Cast:                Maria Mashkova, Daniil Vorobyov, Denis Paramonov, Diana Pozharskaya, Maksim Bramatkin

“The Counted” is a one-hour drama with the elements of paranormal and sci-fi genres set in the unique geographical, ethnical and social setting of the Karelia land filled with mystical legends and inexplicable myths.

Fatal cases of Western Nile Fever - an exotic illness only found in the southern countries before - are registered in one of the Karelia’s remote Russian regions. The existing scientific data proves: the illness cannot exist in such a climate. An epidemiological expedition is sent to the location to investigate the phenomena.
Two members of the team, Vera and Nikolai, were once romantically involved and still have low burning feelings for each other. None of the group members expect what the future holds for them – a journey more dreadful than the death itself.


Series Mania 2018


(In coproduction with UK)

Format:           TV Series 

Genre:             Crime, Comedy 

Director:         Dmitriy Kiselev, Vitaly Shepelev, Vlad Nikolaev, Kirill Kuzin

Screenplay:     Michael Idov, Andrey Ryvkin

      Cast:                Nikita Yefremov, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Pavel Ilyin, Sergey Rost


Londongrad is a special agency that solves any problems that Russian people might face in the capital of the United Kingdom

for a hefty fee; starting from ordinary tourists who lost their luggage, to the children of major officials arrested for mixing up the Winston Churchill monument with a public toilet. The owner and only employee of the agency is 27-year-old Misha Kulikov, a mathematics genius and former Oxford student who dropped out five years ago and now takes up any orders as a kind of «fixer». But Russian clients of Kulikov in London have problems more of the domestic type than of criminal...

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