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Company Profile


Star Media, a media company, was established in 2006. Its portfolio comprises over 7500 hours of content and includes more than 500 titles.

Apart from the production of content Star Media successfully develops its own television and Internet broadcasting, collaborates with leading TV channels and streaming services.

Being the largest aggregator in the CIS countries, the company has a well-established presence on YouTube. In 2020 ContentScan, service intended to fight against piracy, was launched. Streaming service LAVA was launched in 2021. Another strategic line is co-production with international partners.

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Company Highlights

SHTTL  2022

Format:            Feature Film

Genre:              Drama
Director:          Ady Walter
Cast:                 Anisia Stasevich, Moshe Lobel, Petr Ninevskiy, Saul Rubinek

SHTTL is a fascinating story of true love and unlikely friendship set in a shtetl, a small Jewish town in Western Ukraine.


Format:            TV Series

Genre:              Thriller
Director:          Dalibor Matanić
Screenplay:      Marian Alchevskiy
Cast:                 Goran Bogdan, Darko Milas, Ksenia Mishina, Viktor Saraykin

SILENCE is a 6-episodes drama thriller. This first season is based on Election Silence, first novel from Slavonian Trilogy by the best-selling investigative journalist and writer Drago Hedl. The trilogy is based on true events and is set in present-day Croatia and Ukraine and focuses on the horrors of human trafficking and the issue of the weapon trade in Eastern Europe.


Format:          TV Series

Genre:            Detective

Director:        Dariusz Jabłoński

Screenplay:    Maciej Maciejewski

Cast:               Karel Roden, Malgorzata Buczkowska, Sergey Sterl'nikov, Stanislav Boklan, Natalia Vas'ko

THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE is a 10-episode thriller. The story revolves around three murders that occur simultaneously in three countries. Investigators, each in their own territory, begin their investigations. It soon becomes clear that this is an interconnected story, and they combine their efforts into one group.

 Platinum Remi Award in the TV Mini-Series category at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival