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CEO & Producer




Tarantula Luxembourg was founded in 1995 by the Luxembourgish producer, director, and screenwriter, Donato Rotunno. Tarantula Luxembourg has since become a well-established company that makes bold artistic choices. Present in the main international festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Venice, and Locarno, Tarantula has produced many fiction and documentary films of all lengths. A significant amount of them address the context of immigration and politics with a sense of poetry and a specific artistic vision.

Tarantula's most famous coproductions feature the critically acclaimed "A Piece of Sky" (Un Certain Regard official selection in 2002) by Benedicte Liénard, "Fratricide" by Yilmaz Arslan who won the Silver Leopard at the 2005 Locarno Festival, "Private Property" by Joachim Lafosse (Mostra de Venice official selection in 2006), "Secrets of War" by Dennis Bots and "A Wedding" by Stephan Streker (both presented at TIFF), "Mobile Home" by François Pirot (Locarno Festival official selection 2012), and more recently "Harka" by Lotfy Nathan, whose lead actor, Adam Bessa, won Best Performance in the 75th Cannes Film Festival's “Un Certain Regard”.

Tarantula Luxembourg takes part in the European cinema industry through many co-production projects and seeks to produce meaningful films regarding the constantly changing society we live in.


HOLLY  2023

Genre:                 Drama

Director:             Fien Troch

Screenplay:       Fien Troch

Cast: Cathalina Geeraerts, Felix Heremans, Greet Verstraete, Serdi Faki Alici, Els Deceukelier

15-year-old Holly calls her school to say she is staying home for the day. Soon after, a fire breaks out at the school, killing several students. With everyone touched by the tragedy, the community comes together, trying to heal. Anna, a teacher, intrigued by Holly and her strange premonition, invites her to join the volunteering group she runs. Holly’s presence seems to bring peace of mind, warmth, and hope to those she encounters. But soon, people begin to seek out Holly and her cathartic energy, demanding more and more from the young girl.

80ème Festival International de Venise in Italy, Compétition Officielle

50ème Festival du film de Gand in Belgium, Film d'Ouverture

Festival International de Busan in South Korea

Festival International du Film à Chicago in the United States 

Festival International du Film de Rome, Alice nella Citta, Section Sintone in Italy

Arras Film Festival in France

Atlas d'Or Les Arcs Film Festival in France, Compétition


Genre:                Drama 

Director:            Fernando Guzzoni

Screenplay:        Fernando Guzzoni

Cast:                  Laura Lopez Campbell, Alejandro Goic Jerez, Amparo Noguera, Roberto Farias

An 18-year-old foster home resident, Blanca, becomes the key witness in a scandal involving kids, politicians and rich men taking part in sex parties. But the more questions are asked, the less clear it becomes what is Blanca’s role in the scandal.

79th Venice International Film Festival in Italy, Official Competition Orizzonti
Best Screenplay
Busan International Film Festival in Korea
46th Mostra International de Cinema em São Paulo, International Perspective in Brazil
Arras Film Festival in France
Los Cabos Film Festival - Official Competition in Mexico
Stockholm Film Festival - Official Competition in Sweden
XIV Festival Internacional de cine de Cali in Colombia
Cineuropa Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Official Competition
Huelva Latin American Film Festival in Spain, Compétition Officielle

Golden Colon Best Film

Radio Exterior de España Award
Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece, Horizons
Cairo International Film Fe
stival in Egypt, Panorama
Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival in Germany
IFFI Goa - World Cinema Section in India
Habana Film Festival in Cuba
Kolkata International Film Festival in India
Black Movie Festival in Switzerland
Oostende Film Festival in Belgium
Palm Springs International Film Festival in the United States 

TOTEM 2022

Genre:                Family Movie 

Director:            Sander Burger

Screenplay:        Sander Burger and Bastiaan Tichler

Cast:                   Amani-Jean Philippe, Ole van Hoogdalem, Lies Visschedijk, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Céline Camara, Kenneth Herdigein, Iliass Ojja, Bas Keijzer

Ama, the daughter of Senegalese asylum seekers, feels completely Dutch. When Ama’s mother and brother are arrested, Ama sets off in search of her father through Rotterdam in the middle of winter, hoping to avoid deportation. During this frightening and exciting journey, she discovers her roots, thanks in part to her extraordinary totem animal: a gigantic porcupine.

CineKid Festival - Official Selection
Opening Film - Public Award
Giffoni Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection Elements + 10
New York International Children's Film Festival

Grand Prize Feature (Live Action)
JEF Festival (Belgium)
Public Award
Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden)
Luxembourg City Film Festival - Official Selection Young Audience

Kids jury award and school jury award
Utah Film Center - Tumbleweeds Film Festival (USA)
EU Film Festival San Marino
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Filmfestival (USA)
KICFF (Norway)
BIKY Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival
Buster International Children’s Festival 2023
Chicago International Children´s Film Festival
Children’s Animation and Cinema Week (SACI)
Kinds Kino International Film Festival 2023
Kyoto International Children´s Film Festival 2023
Universal Kids Film Festival Izmir 2023
Seoul Int’l Children’s Film Festival SICFF
Sarajevo International Film Festival 2023
Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival 2023

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