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Daniel Zuta has a longstanding history as an independant film producer.

He started his first Production Company in 1984. During his career, Zuta produced over 40 international high quality feature films, shorts and documentaries.



Further to this he is participating in external productions and supported many young film makers. With the combination of a profound knowledge in producing European feature films, with long-term international business relations and a lot of creativity, Daniel Zuta produces high quality feature films, either for the art house market or for TV.


Many of Zuta’s productions competed in international festivals and have received international awards.


Daniel Zuta is member of the European Film Academy, the Deutsche Film Akademie, the European Producers Club, and the board of the Hessisches Filmbüro

Company Highlights


Genre:               Black comedy
Director:           Ben Hopkins
Screenplay:      Ben Hopkins and Pawel Pawlikowski
Cast:                 Matthew Macfadyen, Anna Buring, Noah Taylor


Washed-up Oscar winning British film director, named Emil Forester gets invited to make a national epic in an obscure Caucasus Republic called Karastan. With every further step in the production of the country’s new epic, Emil discovers how its complicated past influences the current state of affairs, making it impossible for him to work without clashing with either of the sides engaged in the conflict...

Hamburg Coproducers Award in 2014


Genre:              Comedy/drama

Director:          Bogan Dreyer

Screenplay:     Anusavan Salamanian

Cast:                Gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Laura Morante

Second W.W, somewhere in Transylvania, a German soldier is found dead near the village. Either the local authorities
will find the murderer, or the 10 most prominent citizens will be shot by the Nazis, the morning after. The guilty
person can not be found, but there’s Ipu, the madman of the village, to whom they promise a heroic funeral if he
accepts to die in their place. Will he accept?... time is running...


Genre:             Documentary
Director:          Werner Boote
Screenplay:     Werner Boote


In his eye-opening documentary, Werner Boote presents an up-close and personal view of the controversial and fascinating material that has found its way into every facet of our daily lives: plastic. He takes us on a journey around the globe, showing that plastics have become a threat for both environment and human health.


Best Documentary at Romy Gala in 2010


And also :

Daniel’s last investigative Documentary ‘‘BULB FICTION’’ by Christoph Mayr, is a film about light as a commodity, about lobbies in the EU, how they work - and which possibilities exist to resist.

Daniel co produced “MATHILDE” 2006 by Nina Mimica starring Jeremy Irons, Sinéad Cusack and Miki Manojlovic. “GEBÜRTIG” 2002 by Robert Schindel and Lukas Stepanik. “THE TRUCE” 1996 based on Primo Levi’s autobiographical ‘‘THE REAWAKENING’’ directed by Francesco Rosi starring John Turturro and Rade Serbedzija and many more.

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