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3ZERO2 was founded in 2002 by Piero Crispino and Mario Rasini, both head managers in the private television Mediaset and Tele+, and since then its path has been remarkable. 
3ZERO2 is based in Milan and it’s born with a double soul. On one side it’s a service company specialized in live shows, on the other the society produces original stories both for television and cinema. 
Piero Crispino is the producer who leads the latter and in many years of activies 3ZERO2 has been producing family targeted tv series such as ALEX & CO and PENNY ON M.A.R.S. (shooted in English) that have been broadcasted in many countries. Moreover, it has been producing some original movies that were released in cinemas like COME DIVENTARE GRANDI NONOSTANTE I GENITORI (HOW TO GROW UP DESPITE YOUR PARENTS) with Matthew Modine and directed by Luca Lucini and IL VEGETALE with Fabio Rovazzi and directed by Gennaro Nunziante. 3ZERO2’s mission is to create video entertainment from scratch and to make it happen it surrounds itself with qualified parters and senior professionals.  


Company Highlights


Genre:                 Teen

Director:             Claudio Norza

Screenplay:        Beatrice Valsecchi, Mara Laura Perbellini, Luisa Cotta Ramosimo, Ilaria Provenzi, Amanda Devine

Cast:                 Olivia Mai Barrett, Shannon Gaskin, Finlay Macmillan, Merissa Porter, Benjamin Richards


Penny Mendez is fourteen years old, shy and reserved, she is not a girl like any other: she is the daughter of the most famous popstar in the world, Bakia. She has a best friend Camilla and a great dream: go to the M.A.R.S., the most famous performing art high school. What she does not have is a simple life and self-confidence. What she finds are new friends and loves, tricky challenges and unexpected situations.
Penny on M.A.R.S. has a carefully balanced mix of teen vibes: captivating storytelling and fascinating characters in a plot that involves dreams of fame, mystery and the challenges of friendship and love.


Genre:                 Comedy, Family

Director:             Luca Lucini

Screenplay:        Gennaro Nunziante

Cast:                 Matthew Modine, Margherita Buy, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Leonardo Cecchi, Eleonora Gaggero, Beatrice Vendramin, Federico Russo, Saul Nanni


Alex, a high school student, has formed a band with his friends Christian, Emma and Sam. When the radio announces a concert for musical groups of local high schools, Alex & Co. prepare to participate with enthusiasm. But the new, very strict headmaster of their school is strongly opposed. Will our heroes overcome the obstacles created not only by the principal, but also by parents who seem unwilling to support their dreams?

Los Angeles - Italia 2018: Italian Cinema Today

ICFF Junior Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2017


Genre:                 Comedy

Director:             Gennaro Nunziante

Screenplay:        Gennaro Nunziante

Cast:                 Fabio Rovazzi, Luca Zingaretti


Young, newly graduated and unemployed Fabio tries to cope with the job seeking struggles of modern Italy, while his rich and greedy father refuses to help, defining his son useless, like a vegetable.

Los Angeles - ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2018

Los Angeles - Italia 2018: Italian Cinema Today

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