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The European Producers Club (EPC) is an association of 130 influential independent film and TV drama producers from all over Europe.

 Founded in 1993 within the framework of the GATS negotiations, we act as a network, a think tank and as a lobby. Our mission is to keep our members up to date with the latest developments in the film industry in Europe and across the world; we encourage collaboration, joint financing and coproduction across countries; we also lobby on a political level to protect and further the interests of the European industry and European producers.

To this end, we have become expert in the organization of events that bring together film professionals from around the world, whether for conferences, networking events within or outside Europe, and workshops.

In addition to the individual companies which are members of the EPC, the EPC coordinates an alliance of national Producer Associations across Europe through the EPAA (European Producer Associations Alliance) and thus boasts a network of over 3000 industry professionals.  The EPC opened a representation office in China in 2013.


President:                              Alvaro Longoria                     MORENA FILMS                         Spain

Vice-Presidents:                  Dariusz Jablonski                  APPLE FILMS                                 Poland                  
                                                Gudny Hummelvoll             HUMMELFILM                               Norway
                                                Paula Vaccaro                      PINBALL LONDON                      UK


Treasurer:                              Yves Marmion                       UGC/LES FILMS DU 24             France



Dariusz Jablonski                     APPLE FILMS                                     Poland

Ulrik Bolt Jorgensen*             ARENA FILMS                                    Denmark

Marco Chimenz                      CATTLEYA                                            Italy

Gudny Hummelvoll                HUMMELFILM                                   Norway

Thomas Bourguignon             KWAI                                                     France

Alvaro Longoria                       MORENA FILMS                               Spain

Paula Vaccaro                         PINBALL LONDON                         UK

Ira von Gienanth*                   PROKINO FILMPRODUKTION   Germany

Johannes Rexin                       REXINFILM                                         Germany

Reinier Selen*                          RINKEL FILMS                                   The Netherlands

Yves Marmion                          UGC/LES FILMS DU 24                 France

Pandora da Cunha Telles*      UKBAR FILMS                                   Portugal


                                                                                                                                                               * as elected in 2019



Alexandra Lebret

After graduating with a masters degree in Macroeconomics (University Dauphine – Paris), and in International Economics at ESSEC, France, and the Università di Bocconi, Italy, Alexandra Lebret has dedicated her career to the cinema industry.

 She worked for 7 years on the international development of UGC multiplexes in France, Spain, and Italy, and then cofounded the Parisian cultural weekly Zurban in 1999.  Then in 2000 she went on to cofound Liberafilms.com, one of the first VOD platforms in France.


In 2002, she was named Managing-Director of the European Producers Club and assumed responsibility for all of the EPC's activities. She has brought renewed momentum to the association by developing international coproduction assistance and exploring new foreign markets, resulting in the creation of numerous coproduction forums, cooperation forums (outside Europe), round tables and conferences open to the public. The European Producers Club is an exclusive club and its members are highly esteemed and influential producers from all over Europe. What interests us is not only quality of the work made and its success but the encouragement of co-production between European producers.  For European producers, the EPC acts as a political representative at the European Commission, a think-tank and a network informing our members about the major issues affecting the film industry and taking concerted action.


She was decorated in 2013 Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French government for her work and dedication in favor of the European cinema.  Since June 2014, she leads both the EPC and her activity as a producer in the company Mare Nostrum Productions.

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