Created in 1973, Cofiloisirs is a credit institution specialized in cinema and audiovisual, which manages around €500M of credit, and finances every year almost one of two French films (around 100 films in 2013), along with the funding of 70% of animated films and series.

Along with its shareholders Neuflize-OBC (ABN Amro) and BNP Paribas, Cofiloisirs accompanies its French and foreign customers with the funding of their activity’s cash facilities (development, preparation, production, acquisition), through credit operations adapting to the specificities of each project (feature film, live or animated, fictions, series, documentaries, cross media) of each company.

Reinforced by a strong position in the French market, Cofiloisirs opened its activity from over 20 years to international European productions (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy) and extra-European (US, Australia, Canada).

At last, Cofiloisirs ensures the management of several Soficas through its subsidiary Sogesofica, and brings many different services to companies of the cinematographic and audiovisual sector, such as fusion and acquisition consultant (evaluation, catalogues or companies transfer, strategic advising), or managing “collection accounts”.

EFB provides completion guarantees ("bonds") to film and TV producers, financiers, distributors and government support agencies to guarantee the professional production, completion and delivery of feature films, TV productions, documentaries and computer games.

With offices in Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and Melbourne, and affiliated offices in Cape Town and Madrid, we have bonded films that have been shot and financed in over 35 different countries including the USA, Cuba, China and Kenya, and all the key international financiers, distributors, broadcasters and government agencies have approved our bonds.

EFB’s bonds are underwritten by DFG Deutsche Filmversicherungs Gemeinschaft on behalf of our insurers and re-insurers. The lead insurer in our insurance scheme is Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty A.G. with the scheme re-insured by Swiss Re.

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