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Company Profile


Founded in 2009, Pinball London produces narrative and documentary feature films aimed for cinema release as well as shorts (both live-action and animation), tv series, and other ancillary content for non-traditional screening spaces.


In 2019 we achieved 50/50 gender parity in our slate and continue to support female filmmakers via mentorship programs. Pinball’s editorial line is designed with a special emphasis on storytelling that focuses on gender, LGBT, human rights, immigration, minorities, class, and our planet. We also pride ourselves on our European and International links such as the first-ever co-production between England and Portugal LISTEN, directed by newcomer Ana Rocha, written by Paula Vaccaro and Aaron Brookner; SUMERCE, by Colombian director Victoria Solano and BORA-BORA by Agustina Figueras. Earlier on we executive produced award-winning GINGER AND ROSA directed by Sally Potter; produced Creative Europe supported UNCLE HOWARD, released in Sundance and Berlinale, and 70+ festivals worldwide. Selected in the Top Ten films of the year by Hollywood reporter, nominated for Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards, the film won Best documentary of the Year in Spain (Dias de Cine Award). We also produced two consecutive films and a tv series by twice Palme d’Or winner Emir Kusturica: ON THE MILKY ROAD, starring Monica Bellucci (Venice 2016; Young Jury Award winner), NA MLIJECNOM PUTU (Series, 2018), and, in 2014, Our Life, part of Guillermo Arriaga’s omnibus project WORDS WITH GODS (Venice premiere), with works by Mira Nair, Bahman Ghobadi, Amos Gitai, Warwick Thornton, Hideo Nakata, Hector Babenco, Alex de la Iglesia and Arriaga himself.


We have explored new technology with the first film distributed exclusively as an iPad app in 24 different territories. We crowdfunded the remaster of cult classic BURROUGHS: THE MOVIE re-released by Janus Films and Criterion Collection. We provide consultancy around scriptwriting, rough cuts, social impact campaign strategy and training on independent producing, gender, implicit bias and social impact strategy.


We support EPC’s Green and Gender Charters and are members of PACT, BECTU, Creative Industries Federation UK, DPA (Documentary Producers Alliance) and DAE (Documentary Association of Europe), and the European Film Academy.


Paula Vaccaro

Company Director


Aaron Brookner

Company Director

Company Highlights

LISTEN  2020

Genre:               Drama

Director:           Ana Rocha

Screenplay:      Ana Rocha, Paula Vaccaro and Aaron Brookner

Cast:                 Lúcia Moniz, Sophia Myles and Maisie Sly


In the outskirts of London, Bela and Jota face serious difficulties when the local social services raise suspicions about the safety of their three children. The deafness of their 7-year-old daughter unleashes an endless process that seems to be get more complicated over time. Listen portrays the exhausting battle of these parents to keep their family together after a potentially irreversible mistake.


Orizzonti Venice Film Festival 2020


Genre:             Documentary

Director:          Victoria Solano

Producers:       Paula Vaccaro and Marco Cartolano

Cast:                 César Pachón, Rosa Rivas, Don Eduardo


SUMERCÉ follows agricultural educator Rosita, veteran activist Don Eduardo, and rising political leader Cesar Pachón as they fight their government's decision to allow mining companies to carve up their birthright in rural Colombia. They hold a battle for the future security of over twelve million Colombian campesinos and the country's access to fresh water.

Sheffield doc/fest


Genre:             Documentary

Director:          Aaron Brookner 

Screenplay:     Aaron Brookner

Ex. Producer:  Jim Jarmusch

Cast:                Howard Brookner, Aaron Brookner, John Giorno, Jim Jarmusch, Tom DiCillo, William   S. Burroughs, Madonna,                           Brad Gooch, Darryl Pinckney, Sara Driver, Robert Wilson


UNCLE  HOWARD is an intertwining tale of past and present. New York filmmaker Howard Brookner died of AIDS in 1989, while making his breakthrough Hollywood movie. His body of work, which captured the late 70s and early 80s cultural revolution, was buried in William S. Burroughs’ bunker for 30 years. Now in a personal journey, his nephew Aaron unearths Howard’s filmmaking legacy and the memory of everything he was.


World Premiere: Sundance Film Festival           

Berlin International Film Festival

!f Istanbul          




Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

Director:          Emir Kusturica

Producers:       Paula Vaccaro, Lukas Akoskin, and Alex Garcia

Cast:                Monica Bellucci, Emir Kusturica 


Spring in wartime. Each day a milkman crosses the frontline on a donkey, dodging bullets to bring his precious wares to the soldiers. Blessed with good fortune on his mission, loved by a beautiful villager, a peaceful future seems to await him… until the arrival of a mysterious Italian woman turns his life upside down. Thus begins a story of passionate, forbidden love that will plunge them both into a series of fantastic and dangerous adventures. They have been joined by fate, and nothing and no one seems able to stop them…

Venice 2016. Winner of the Leoncino d’Oro (Young Jury Golden Lion)