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             Dariusz Jablonski                                 Mariela Besuievsky                            Carlotta Calori                                  Pandora da Cunha Telles

                  President                                          Vice President                                 Vice President                                         Vice President




In May 2024, European Producers Club (EPC) voted for a new Board of Directors. 


The Executive Board now consists of the Board’s president, Dariusz Jablonski of Apple Film Production (Poland) and vice presidents, Pandora da Cunha Telles of Ukbar Filmes (Portugal), Mariela Besuievsky of Tornasol Media (Spain) and Carlotta Calori of Indigo Film (Italy).


In his vision for the EPC, President Jablonski commented, “My most important goal is to protect the sustainability and development capacity of independent European producers. A fundamental element of this is retaining the rights to our films and series. This is essential for maintaining our companies and creating new works that will delight European and international audiences.” 


Newly elected executive Board member, Vice President, Carlotta Calori said, “As a longstanding member of the European Producers Club, I've witnessed its growth and the impactful role a diverse group of independent producers can play when united. I'm thrilled to step into the role of Vice President, eager to deepen collaboration and tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead. I look forward to working alongside fellow producers to continue to nurture creativity, drive growth, and uphold the invaluable contributions of European producers on the global stage.”


For the current world of the independent producer and the impact of the organisation, Vice President Mariela Besuievsky added, “Independent Producers work is broader than just finding the financing of a work. It implies developing a story, leading, and putting together a creative team and bringing the right talent for the film or series. It also implies finding and fighting what are the best tools to achieve a solid independent industry that can guarantee diversity, cultural heritage and also preserving the assets; as well as fostering a business fair play in all scales. 

This can only be achieved with a strong union among European Independent Producers that can build strong relationships with all the players of the Audiovisual Ecosystem. This is why EPC has a central role in improving and making a stronger the European Audiovisual Industry, we know both sides of the River.”


In terms of near goals for the EPC, vice-president Pandora da Cunha Telles commented, "EPC should empower European film & series producers to better develop, produce, cashflow and promote their works in this very demanding and changing market. The temptation to grow, urgent in today’s agenda cannot put in danger the diversity and independence that made us arrive here, we stand today. So while this is a period of fight, it is also a time for reflection on the producer's role in the industry. While it is crucial to continue to tell stories in local languages and in different genres and through creative approaches, we must also look ahead and suggest better regulations capacitating European companies to grow stronger winning audiences nationally and abroad." 


President Jablonski also pointed out that the selection of the best films in the most recent edition of Cannes Film Festival, and added all those films were made by independent producers: “Independent producers are also a pillar of democracy, ensuring the plurality and freedom of artistic voices. This is vitally important in today's reality. If we want to have both - let’s love and support independent producers!”


The European Producers Club (EPC) is an association of over 185 influential independent film and TV drama producers from all over Europe. Its mission is to keep the members up to date with the latest developments in the film industry in Europe and across the world;  encourage collaboration, joint financing and coproduction across countries; and also, lobby on a political level to protect and further the interests of the European industry and European producers.

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