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Company Profile

APPLE FILM PRODUCTION is a prominent Polish production company, one of the very first independent film productions in CEE countries. The company is run by Dariusz Jablonski together with Violetta Kaminska and Izabela Wojcik.

So far, the company has produced and co-produced more than 40 features, a number of documentaries and successful drama series, garnering over 300 international and national awards. Last productions include: Alexey German Jr.’s Russian Polish-Serbian DOVLATOV (2018), and UNDER ELECTRIC CLOUDS (2015), both of which won Silver Bears for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at the Berlinale; Ukrainian-Macedonian-Polish WHEN THE TREES FALL premiered in Panorama 2018 at the Berlinale and NUMBERS by Oleg Sencow premiered this year at Berlinale Special section. In last high‐end drama credits, Apple Film has i.e. two series sold worldwide by BBCW to over 100 countries: THE PASSING BELLS and SPIES IN WARSAW with David Tennant for BBC and Polish Television.

In 2019 the company produced THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (a co-production with CANAL+), the first ever international drama series, made in coproduction between Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic, originated, shot and made in Eastern Europe. The series is distributed by Beta Film and already sold to Germany, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium (a.i. ARTE, RAI, Channel 4 (Walter Presents).

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Dariusz Jablonski


 Violetta Kaminska


Izabela Wojcik

Company Highlights



Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Oleg Sentsov In Collaboration With Akhtem Seitablaiev

Screenplay:     Oleg Sentsov

Cast:                Oleksandr Yarema - First, Iryna Mak - Second, Viktor Zhdanov - Third, Lorena Kolibabchuk - Fourth, Denys                                Rodnianskyi - Fifth, Olena Uzliuk - Sixth, Evhen Chernykov - Seventh, Agatha Larionova - Eight, Oleksandr                                Begma - Ninth, Mariia Smolyakova - Tenth, Maksym Devizorov - Eleventh, Evhen Lebedin - Eleventh Junior,                              Oleg Karpenko - Judge 1, Oleksandr Laptyi - Judge 2 Viktor Andrienko - Zero


The story of a dystopian society of ten Numbers stuck in daily routines regulated by strict rules set out by an omnipresent deity, the Great Zero, and enforced by armed Judges. In this strictly ordered world an error occurred causing the creation of a new world. Will it be any better than the old one? 


2020 Berlinale - Special 

2020 Marche du Film - market screening
2019 International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Student’s - Jury Award



Format:           TV drama series

Director:         Dariusz Jablonski

Screenplay:     Maciej Maciejewski

Cast:                Malgorzata Buczkowska, Karel Roden, Sergey Strelnikov, Anna Geislerova, Stipe Erzeg


In three cities with a glorious past, Odessa, Warsaw and Prague, three young women are murdered. Within days, their bodies are found, each showing the same brutal sings of violence. One thing is clear: they are obviously connected. The three separate police departments’ investigations soon find a way into each other’s back yards and start working the cases together. The lead detectives have to balance their own personal issues. Ukrainian militia captain Serhij has a troubled past, the Polish super intendant Maria fights for her position in a male-dominated police department and the experienced Czech detective Viktor has to put off early retirement. But they are dealing with a deranged serial killer operating on an international level. Soon, they realize that all the victims were aspiring models and actresses. Does the murderer hunt his prey in the entertainment industry? The trail leads to shady businessmen, their lawyers, corrupt politicians, and professional killers… but what connects Odessa, Warsaw and Prague?


REMI Winner Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
Warsaw Documentary Award, Amnesty International Award, Poland 2017

IMAGO 2023

Genre:             Feature Film

Director:         Olga Chajdas 

Screenplay:     Lena Góra, Olga Chajdas

Cast:                Lena Góra, Bogusława Schubert, Mateusz Więcławek, Wacław Warchoł, Michał Balicki, Wojciech Brzeziński, Łukasz Orbitowski, Justyna Wasilewska, Marek Siudym, Agnieszka Suchora, Andrzej Konopka


Late 1980s, at the Polish Coast. The old communist order, with its greyness and rigid set of prohibitions and commands, is in decline. But a new order is yet to be established. Ela, the youngest of nine siblings, is just entering adulthood - already knowing she will not fit into any of these worlds. She finds a sanctuary in the Tricity counterculture. And so she drifts along...carried by the wind of her dreams and hunger for life - until the moment she is faced with reality.he state machinery. 


Fipresci International Critics Prize Premium Competition Karlovy Vary IFF 2023,
Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2023 The Silver Lions,
Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2023 Best Actress in a leading role, 
Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2023 Best Music,
New Horizons IFF 2023 International Competition,
All About Freedom 2023 

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