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Company Profile

AGITPROP is probably the most awarded Bulgarian film production company with lead producer Martichka Bozhilova. The company has co-produced with Germany, USA, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Croatia, UAE. Among AGITPROP’s leading TV partners are: Channel 4, Sundance Channel, HBO, ARTE, PBS, YLE. AGITPROP has produced a number of films - creative documentaries, fiction films and TV series with a strong author’s style, among which the multi-internationally awarded GEORGI AND THE BUTTERFLIES (IDFA winner), THE MOSQUITO PROBLEM AND OTHER STORIES (Cannes), CORRIDOR #8 (Berlinale), OMELETTE (Sundance), THE BOY WHO WAS A KING (Toronto). AGITPROP produced the first original Bulgarian content for HBO and National Geographic. The company’s filmography includes TOUCH ME NOT (Golden Bear Winner, Berlinale 2018), LOVE & ENGINEERING (Tribeca NY, Visions de Reel; Karlovy Vary), DAD MADE DIRTY MOVIES (sold to more than 30 territories). AGITPROP’s credits include also the documentary TV series/one-off PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE (Dok Leipzig 2018, Dok Buster Award; the series was aired on BBC, ARTE, MDR, NHK, SVT and many others), as well as the high-end TV drama series FATHER’S DAY commissioned by the Bulgarian National Television. AGITPROP is involved in the management of the Balkan Documentary Center for supporting documentary filmmakers from the Balkans.

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Company Highlights


Format:           Documentary Film and TV Series

Genre:             Historical

Director:         Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov

Screenplay:     Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov        


PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE tells the stories of the most emblematic five buildings of socialist times - highly representative for the epoch and witnessing the historical turbulence in Eastern Europe in the second half of the XX century. The National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Moscow State University, Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Palace of Serbia in Belgrade, Palace of the Republic in Berlin are unique architectural creatures made with a lot of courage and a bit of lunacy to remind the people there was an ultimate power and brighter future. Now that socialism is over, it's time to go back and reveal their hidden secrets. The film takes a snapshot of the palaces today, as seen through rich and unknown archives and the eyes of people related to them - their architects, former and current directors, ordinary people who worked in them. 


World premiere: DOK Leipzig 2018, Dok Buster Award

Nominations: Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize and the MDR Film Prize


Selections and nominations:

INPUT Brooklyn 2018

BOZAR Center for Fine Arts, Brussels 2019

Sofia IFF 2019 – Competition Programme

Master of Art FF 2019 – Competition Programme

Millennium Docs Against Gravity FF 2019

Budapest Architecture Film Days 2019

Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2019

Golden Linden IFF 2019

Shanghai IFF 2019

The Histories and Film Festival 2019

Seattle IFF 2019

Riga IFF 2019

Sarajevo FF 2019

Astra IFF 2019, Sibiu, Romania

Urban Eye FF 2019, Bucharest

Panorama of the European Cinema 2019, Cairo

Free Zone IFF 2019, Belgrade


Format:           TV Series

Genre:             Drama 

Director:         Pavel G. Vesnakov

Screenplay:     Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova, Georgi Ivanov

Cast:                Zachary Baharov, Vesela Babinova, Alexander Sano, Gloria Petkova, Patrick Sean Hasson 

The scandalous investigative journalist Dimo and his wife Kalina split. At first their separation looks peaceful and almost friendly. Free from his family duties, Dimo tries to start a new life. The only thing he wants is to regularly see his son Bobby, whom he really loves. Kalina, really hurt by how easily Dimo leaves her, succeeds in turning the boy against him. Bobby develops the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and starts despising his father. Dimo is shocked by what his ex-wife has done and starts a desperate fight for his son, having been denied access to him for months, though. The father faces the absurdities of the flawed legal system, the cold-hearted bureaucracy of the social services and the common prejudices that always make people take the mother’s side by default. What is left of a family falling apart?

Venice Gap-Financing Market 2017

Serie Series 2017 - Spotlight on trailers

Serie Series 2018 - Work in progress


Format:           Documentary

Director:         Andrey Paounov 

Screenplay:     Andrey Paounov

Cast:                Dr. Georgi Lulchev


Georgi and the Butterflies tells the story of a man and his dream. This man is Dr Georgi Lulchev, a psychiatrist, neurologist, administrator, amateur chef, entrepreneur and Director of the Home for Psychologically Challenged Men. His dream is to organize a farm in the yard of the Home, situated in a former 16th century monastery 20 km away from Sofia, where the patients can raise snails, ostriches and pheasants, produce silk fibres and soy bread. In a country where 80% of the population live in poverty, every day is marked by the struggle to survive. To overcome the shortage of funds, the Director organizes different activities for subsistence. During the last 15 years, Georgi has tried to implement some unconventional business ideas, failed and resumed his efforts with unflagging enthusiasm. This is a story full of optimism, snails, ostriches, silk, charity, soy bread, schizophrenics, foreign investors, Western hunters, misery and compassion. Compassion, business, butterflies. 

20000 viewers - cinema release in Bulgaria and in seven European countries

Longest-cinema-release record for Bulgaria

More than a million TV viewers

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