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All-in-production Gesellschaft für Film-und TV-Produktion mbH stands for: Event television, television series and most of all national and international bestseller adaptations. We use creativity, bold ideas and production expertise to transform stories into experiences and characters into people. In recent years, we have created unique and high quality productions such as the mini-series CAPE TOWN and the Taunus crime series – one of the most successful series on German television with an average of approximately 7,3 million viewers per movie.

All-in-production is an established film production company founded in 2008 by writer/ producer Annette Reeker. With the production of the South African TV crime series CAPE TOWN in 2015, all-in-production entered the international production market and established its intent to continue to develop and produce international high-end productions for the worldwide television and VoD market. While expanding its business into the international field, the company also continues to produce highly successful TV movies and series for the domestic market.

Two series for Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF, UND TOT BIST DU and DIE GIPFELSTÜRMER, are currently in post-production and the next two episodes of DIE GIPFELSTÜRMER are already in pre-production.

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Genre:                 Crime

Director:             Marcus O. Rosenmüller and others

Screenplay:        Anna Tebbe and other

Cast:                 Tim Bergmann, Felicitas Woll and others


Nele Neuhaus’ TAUNUS CRIME SERIES has been a huge hit in the German literary world. Originally self-published, the series has achieved triumphant success on the Spiegel bestseller lists. In selling over six million copies of her books in Germany, the author became a star. The rights to the books have been sold to 25 countries.

All-in has adapted eight of the books from the TAUNUS CRIME SERIES for the German television channel ZDF, with Felicitas Woll and Tim Bergmann in the lead roles. All eight parts of the TAUNUS CRIME SERIES were huge hits and enjoyed top ratings of up to 7.38 million live viewers each. BIG BAD WOLF was the second most successful TV film on German television in 2016.

The adaptations of the TAUNUS CRIME SERIES are set amidst the wild and romantic scenery of the mystical and enchanted Taunus. They offer a fascinating portrait of society and are packed with suspense. Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff – a pair of unconventional detectives from Hofheim – use their fine instincts and understanding of human nature to uncover suspects and motives, and often the abysmal depths of humanity.



Genre:             Crime Series

Director:         Peter Ladkan

Screenplay:    Annette Reeker, Mark Needham, Steve Blame

Cast:               Trond Espen Seim, Boris Kodjoe, Arnold Vosloo, Axel Milberg, Marcin Dorocinski, Jessica Haines, Isolda Dychauk

Mat Joubert is considered one of the finest police officers in Cape Town. But Mat became a shadow of his former self after his wife was murdered a year ago. Now he is faced with losing his job: He has just six months to find himself again, using training, a new diet and psychotherapy. His new boss also assigns the former elite cop Sanctus Snook as his new partner.

The unlikely duo doesn’t have to wait long for their first case – the new year begins with a series of spectacular murders of white men - and white men only. The weapon – a German Mauser rifle – is reminiscent of the Apartheid era; at the same time, another series of murders of young, European models poses a new puzzle. Mat and Sanctus’ investigations finally lead them to a mysterious villa called ENIGMA, where they uncover suspicious connections between Germany and South Africa.


Genre:            Adventure

Director:        Tobi Bauman

Screenplay:    Arne Somme

Cast:               Stephan Luca, Julia Molkhou, Hilmi Sözer, Michael Gwisdek, Jean-Yves Berteloot, Tayfun Bademsoy, Fahri         


Robert Kästner travels to Italy at his uncle’s request to find his colleague. Robert finds him dead and just barely escapes a hit squad himself. In the dead man’s flat he finds an antique Armenian script and a medieval painting of the Virgin Mary by a painter called Visus. Together with his uncle’s assistant, Anahit, he attempts to decipher the enigmatic script. In doing so, they are drawn into a whirlwind of strange incidents and even greater danger. The mysterious relic known as “The Eye of God” is said to have a counterpart and both items are said to hold almighty power; a force that Robert and Anahit’s adversaries are seeking to exploit.

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