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Producer - Associate


Producer - Associate

+35 28116810 (Luxembourg)

Company Profile


Founded in Luxembourg in 1995 and in Vienna in 2001, AMOUR FOU realises artistically exceptional feature, documentary and short films for the international market with international and, most frequently, European partners. Throughout the process AMOUR FOU stands for vision and pushing the envelope, whether in regard to aesthetics, production or distribution strategies. The focus is on European independent auteur cinema and the distinctive “handwriting” of the directors who work with AMOUR FOU.

The company produced and coproduced feature films like TAXIDERMIA by Györgi Pálfi, AMOUR FOU by Jessica Hausner, HANNAH ARENDT by Margarethe von Trotta, CASANOVA VARIATIONS by Michael Sturminger, EGON SCHIELE by Dieter Berner, MAPPA MUNDI by Bady Minck, NIGHT OF A 1000 HOURS by Virgil Widrich and FEVER by Elfi Mikesch, films that were invited to festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Busan, Sundance and San Sebastian. The drama STYX by Wolfgang Fischer was the opening film of the Panorama Special at the Berlinale 2018. In 2020 YALDA, A NIGHT FOR FORGIVNESS by Massoud Bakhshi won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize Dramatic at the Sundance Film Festival. In post-production are HINTERLAND by Stefan Ruzowitzky and WHY NOT YOU by Evi Romen and GLORY TO THE QUEEN by Tatia Skhirtladze and Anna Khazaradze.

Bady Minck and Alexander Dumreicher-Ivancean are both members of the EFA (European Film Academy), the Austrian Film Academy and the Luxembourg Film Academy. Alexander is the chairman of the Film Board of the Film & Music Department at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. AMOUR FOU Luxembourg is member of the ULPA (Union Luxembourgeoise de la production Audiovisuelle), AMOUR FOU Vienna is member of the AAFP (Austrian Association of Film Producers).

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Alexander Dumreicher- Ivanceanu

Bady Minck

Company Highlights



Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Massoud Bakhshi

Screenplay:     Massoud Bakhshi

Cast:                Sadaf Asgari, Behnaz Jafari and Babak Karimi, Fereshteh Sadre Orafaee, Arman Darvish, Forough Ghojabagli,                              Fereshteh Hosseini


In Iran today: Maryam (22) accidentally kills her husband Nasser (65) and is sentenced to death. The only person who can save her is Mona (37), Nasser’s daughter. All Mona has to do is appear on a popular live TV show and forgive Maryam. This TV show does exist in Iran, it has inspired this fiction.

Sundance Film Festival, 2020 : Grand Jury Prize - World Cinema Dramatic Competition 2020 Berlin Film Festival - Generation 14plus Competition
Luxembourg International Film Festival
Sofia International Film Festival In competition



Format:          Documentary film

Genre:            Historical, Society & People

Director:        Tatia Skhirtladze, Anna Khazaradze

Screenplay:    Tatia Skhirtladze, Anna Khazaradze

Cast:               Nona Gaprindashvili, Nana Alexandria, Maia Chiburdanidze and Nana Ioseliani

During the Cold War, the four legendary female chess players from Georgia revolutionized women’s chess across the globe, and became Soviet icons of female emancipation. Glory to the Queen reveals their interwoven biographies and is both - a rare look into the present lives of chess stars Nona Gaprindashvili, Nana Alexandria, Maia Chiburdanidze and Nana Ioseliani, as well as a chronicle of their lasting legacy.

STYX  2018

Format:               Feature Film

Genre:                 Drama

Director:             Wolfgang Fischer

Screenplay:         Wolfgang Fischer, Ika Künzel

Cast:                    Susanne Wolff, Gideon Uduor Wekesa


The transformation of a strong woman torn from her contented world during a sailing trip. Rike - 40, a doctor from Europe - embodies a typical Western model of happiness and success. She is educated, confident, determined and committed. We see Rike‘s everyday life, as an emergency doctor, before she fulfils a long-held dream and sails out to sea alone in her sailing boat. Her goal: Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. But her dream holiday is quickly broken off on the high seas, when, after a storm, she finds herself near a stricken fishing boat. Around a hundred people are about to drown. Rike follows maritime law and radios for help. As her request is going nowhere, she is forced to make a fatal decision.


Berlinale 2018: Panorama Special - Opening Film  

International Film Festival Berlin, Germany -

February 2018 - Opening Panorama Special

2nd place at Audience Award @ Berlinale 2018

Heiner-Carow-Award @ Berlinale 2018

Award of the Ecumenical Jury @ Berlinale 2018

Europe Cinemas Label Award @ Berlinale 2018

Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey - April 2018

Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong - April 2018

Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey - April 2018

Filmkunstfest MV Schwerin, Germany - May 2018

Oslo Pix, Norway - June 2018

Valetta Film Festival, Malta - June 2018

Shanghai International Film Festival - June 2018

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic - June 2018

Emden Norderney International, Deutschland - June 2018

Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine - July 2018

New Horizons Film Festival, Germany - July 2018

Palic European Film Festival, Serbia - July 2018

Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland - July 2018

Motovun Film Festival, Croatia - July 2018

Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel - July 2018

Film By The Sea International Film, Netherlands - September 2018

Fünf Seen Filmfestival, Germany - September 2018

Festival of German Films, New Zealand - September 2018

Cinematik Film Festival Piestany, Slovakia - September 2018

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada - September 2018

Batumi International Art House Film Festival, Georgia - September 2018

Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland - September 2018

Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland - September 2018

CPH:PIX Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2018

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal, Canada - September 2018

Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada - September 2018

BFI London Film Festival, UK - October 2018

RAVAC International Film Festival, Moldova - October 2018

Film Fest Gent, Belgium - October 2018

La Roche sur Yon International Film Festival, France - October 2018

Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival, Austria - October 2018

Goethe-Institut Hong Kong KINO!, China - October 2018

Riga International Film Festival, Latvia - October 2018

German Film Week Goethe Institut, Philippines - November 2018




Format:          Feature film

Genre:            Drama

Director:        Evi Romen

Screenplay:    Evi Romen

Cast:               Thomas Prenn, Noah Saavedra, Josef Mohamed

Mario, a young dancer living in a small village has to face the loss of his beloved best friend Lenz, victim of an attack in a gay club in Rome.

Winner: Golden Eye of the Focus competition @Zurich Film Festival 2020




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