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Archangel Digital Studios





Tatjana Zezelj Gojkovic


Company Profile


Archangel Digital Studios is a media company focused on developing, creating, and producing high-quality films, series, animated, and digital content for wide audiences around the world. 

Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, with strategic partnerships in Europe, Archangel Digital Studios maintains strong connections to international markets with content sold to markets in Europe, Asia, and North America.  


Tatjana Žeželj Gojković has produced over 20 feature films and series and numerous TV advertisements, winning a bevy of international prizes in the field.
Her first feature film Panama, directed by Pavle Vučković premiered in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival (Special Screenings), nominated for Camera D’Or.
Today, majority of the films she produces are international co-productions along with one of the most successful franchises in the region - South Wind.
Expanding her work from feature and series to gaming, multimedia and animation — by producing the animated series ‘Puffins Impossible’ starring the world-famous Johnny Depp, she took part in developing a cinematic form that was only hinted in Serbia until recently. 
In cooperation with producer Andrea Iervolino and business partner Miloš Biković she participated in opening two animation studios, in Belgrade and Novi Sad.
She is a partner and the CEO of Archangel Digital Studios in partnership with Miloš Biković where - apart from production - they actively collaborate on creating new film production models and attracting investors and innovative technologies to this Serbian industry. As CEO, she brought new, visionary ideas and strategies, and put full attention on smart, innovative development and international cooperation. Support of MEDIA fund for production of the second season of South Wind Series – the first time ever (in 12 years) granted for production from East Europe, acknowledged and awarded her for excellence in designing a successful co production model.
2022 Co-founder and President of Institute for Environment Improvement – and agency for standardization and implementation of Green and sustainable audio-visual production and Digital industry, adjusting Green calculators and Rating systems for regional and international productions, as well as providing Green certificates. Institute is also focused on innovations and new solutions and policies, on a European and wider level.

She is a member of the prestigious European Producers Club and EU Digital Pact for Skills.



Bojan Kosović is Archangel Digital’s Creative Director with focus on innovative storytelling and animation.

He has been involved in setting up studios in Belgrade and Novi Sad and establishing the foundation for Puffins Impossible, the first-ever short animated series in Serbia, starring Johnny Depp, of which Bojan directed the first two seasons.


In addition, Bojan has an extensive career as a film editor, having worked on award-winning movies, and major regional TV shows. Notably, he served as the first ever editor from Serbia on US Network TV Shows (CW, NBCU).


He is the co-founder of The Institute for Environment Improvement to promote Green and sustainable Audio-Visual production policies.

Tanja Žeželj Foto_IMDB.jpg

Tatjana Zezelj Gojkovic

Bojan Kosović.jpg

Bojan Kosoovic

Company Highlights

South Wind - On the Edge - created by Miloš Avramović (TV Series, 12 episodes) - producer (2023)

Trail of the Beast directed by Nenad Pavlović (feature film) – producer – (2022)

The Blind Spot, directed by Marko Backović, - coproducer, (2023)

Puffins Impossible - animated series (Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV) – producer, (2022)

South Wind 2 - Speed Up directed by Miloš Avramović (feature film) - producer (2021)

Hotel Belgrade by Kostantin Statsky (feature film) - producer (2019/2020)

South Wind by Miloš Avramović (TV series, 10 episodes) - producer (2019/2020)

South Wind by Miloš Avramović (feature film) - producer (2018)

Žigosani u reketu (TV series, 45 episodes) by Dragan Bjelogrlić - line producer (2018)

Balkan Line by Andrey Volgin (feature film) - executive producer (2018)

Embassy by Artem Aksenyenko (TV series) - executive producer (2017)

Life Lasts Three Days by Katarina Koljevic (short film) -producer (2016)

Twice upon a time by Vojin Vasovic (animation) - producer (2016)

Cizmasi by Dejan Zecevic (TV series 12 episodes) - line producer 2015-2016

Panama by Pavle Vučković (feature film) - producer - Cannes Film Festival - Official Selection- Special Screenings (2015)


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