ASCENT FILM was founded in 2003 with the aim of becoming an independent film production company that gives voice to new talents, focusing on Italian and European audiovisual projects. Research, Experience and enthusiasm are ASCENT FILM’s pillars alongside with a diverse range of professionals that help the company capitalizing on relationships with Italian and foreign producers, distributors and financiers. The company has established close ties with a group of highly-potential talents, screenwriters and directors, with the aim of combining high quality standards with the needs of the average audience. The acquisition of literary rights for films and tv projects is also part of the core business of ASCENT FILM.

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Genre:                Drama 

Director:            Matteo Rovere

Screenplay:        Matteo Rovere, Francesca Manieri, Filippo Gravino

Cast:                   Alessandro Borghi, Alessio Lapice

The two twins Romulus and Remus are forced to face the tragic dilemma of either sacrificing what they love the most in the world, or fighting against the inescapable will of the gods. But their story of sacrilege and prophecy is doomed by the awareness that the future of the biggest empire in the world is founded on their brotherhood conflict and their blood. While escaping from unbearable slavery, Romulus steals the sacred fire of Alba, the most powerful city of Lazio. Forced to fight to protect his brother from violence, Remus will go against Vestal Satnei’s prophecy by convincing himself to be above gods’ will. His hubris makes him believe that he is meant to become king of the city founded by him and his brother, but their tragic destiny is already written. Even though Romulus tries with all his heart to avoid the prophecy, there won’t be any way for him to escape it and in the end, he will be forced to face the most terrible and painful sacrifice: to kill his brother. This incredible journey will lead to the foundation of the greatest empire the world has ever seen: The Roman Empire.



Genre:               Comedy

Director:            Leonardo D’Agostin

Screenplay:       Antonella Lattanzi, Leonardo D’Agostini, Giulia Steigerwalt

Cast:                  Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano


Young Christian Ferro, loaded, spoiled and unruly, is a football phenomenon of Serie A, Italy’s top league competition, but his inability to get his head together risks compromising his private and public life. After his last stunt (robbing a supermarket with old friends) his club takes more serious measures: Christian will be allowed to continue playing on condition that he passes the weekly exams required to graduate from high school. For once Valerio Fioretti, a 40-year-old former professor with financial troubles and an old shadow that looms over the present, can make the most of a good chance: the family where he teaches private lessons has passed his name to a football club. The club is looking for a private teacher for a difficult boy in need of little culture and a lot of discipline. Valerio, an educated man from a middle-class background, has never been interested in football, nor of what goes on in that glamorous and slightly cruel world. It won’t be easy becoming the “teacher” of the prodigious Christian Ferro, the most photographed, paid, exalted... and now reviled youth. The solitary and introverted Valerio will have to clumsily make room for himself in the boy’s busy schedule, between team training and a game of PlayStation with friends, a night at the club and the thousand pressures in and outside of the field. It will be tough for the two, until something brings them close, putting one in front of the other setting off a sequence of choices that will change and make them both grow.


Genre:                Drama 

Director:           Bonifacio Angius

Screenplay:        Bonifacio Angius, Gianni Tetti, Fabio Bonfanti in collaborazione con Vanessa Picciarelli

Cast:                   Alessandro Gazale, Francesca Niedda, Antonio Angius, Mario Olivieri, Anna Ferruzzo

Alessandro, a charming alcoholic loner still living with his mother, decides to help Francesca, a tough but mentally disturbed woman, rescue his child who was taken away from her by Social Services, in order to leave the country. In their road trip across Sardinia, Alessandro falls in love with Francesca, and finally understand how to leave a positive mark in the lives of people.


Genre:                Drama 

Director:           Costanza Quatrigli

Screenplay:        Costanza Quatriglio, Doriana Leondeff in collaborazione con Mohammad Jan Azad

Cast:                   Basir Ahnang, Dawood Yousefi, Tihana Lazovic

- Who are you?
- I’m your son, I’m Ismail.
- I don’t have a son named Ismail.

Ismail moved to Europe from Afghanistan with his brother Hassan. They were just kids. Their mother never stopped waiting for them, but now she doesn’t recognize them anymore. After a fateful telephone call, Ismail will face his family’s destiny, the meaninglessness of war, the history of his people, the Hazaras, and the deepest, oldest form of love, the one between mother and son.


I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT - SAGA 2014, 2017, 2017

Genre:                Comedy

Director:             Sydney Sibilia

Screenplay:         Sydney Sybilia, Armando Festa, Francesca Manieri, Luigi Di Capu

Cast:                     Edoardo Leo, Valeria Solarino, Valerio Aprea, Paolo Calabresi, Libero De Rienzo, Stefano Fresi, Lorenzo

   Lavia, Pietro Sermonti, Marco Bonini, Giampaolo Morelli, Rosario Lisma, Greta Scarabo, Luigi Lo Cascio,

   Neri Marcorè


The only European action comedy trilogy.

Pietro Zinni is a brilliant neurobiologist, but his skills aren’t enough to guarantee him a steady job. When he gets fired once again, he decides to benefit from a legal vacuum and engineers a smart drug with his gang of researcher friends. Together they start a little yet real drug trading business, but the ensuing money and success will soon start causing trouble, not to mention a dangerous turf war with the many rival gangs.

In the two sequels, Masterclass and Ad Honorem, the researchers’ gang will be hired by an ambitious police officer, Paola Coletti, to take down the manufacturers of the most dangerous and popular synthetic drug in circulation. The gang will team up with an old time “friend” to prevent a terrorist attack triggered to seek revenge for something that happened in the past...


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