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Executive Producer

Company Profile

Beofilm is a Danish film production company located in Copenhagen. Since its inception in 2002, Beofilm has established itself as an internationally renowned producer of fiction feature films of high artistic quality that seeks international co-productions in new territories.


Peter Hyldahl

Company Highlights


(In coproduction with Norway)

Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Jonas Kærup Hjort

Screenplay:     Jonas Kærup Hjort

Cast:                Joen Højerslev       


A Kafkaesque tale of an insignificant Water Inspector who arrives at a giant remote building in order to register the residents’ water meters. Before he knows of it, he finds himself trapped inside the building facing an impenetrable maze of obstacles. In his attempt to escape, perception of reality, the rational, and the remnants of his human existence is turned upside down.


Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Hong Kong International Film Festival


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Horror

Director:         Jens Dahl

Screenplay:     Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen

Cast:                Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Anders Heinrichsen, Morten Holst, Signe Egholm Olsen


A ruthless businesswoman is abducting young women as part of a gruesome bio-hacking experiment to reverse the aging process. When Mia goes to investigate, she finds herself trapped, branded and tortured in an underground medical facility.

Sitges Film Festival


(In coproduction with Sweden)

Format:           Feature Film 

Genre:             Horror / Comedy

Director:         Johannes Nyholm

Screenplay:     Johannes Nyholm

Cast:                Leif Edlund, Ylva Gallon, Peter Belli

As a couple goes on a trip to find their way back to each other, a sideshow artist and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring them deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick.

Sundance Film Festival

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