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Bim Produzione was founded in October 2019 by Italian film distribution company Bim (a Wild Bunch Group owned division) and Riccardo Russo (former Head of Tv at Leone Film Group and Head of International Co-productions at Lux Vide). The company mission is to produce high-end content in Drama Series, Documentary and Film for the Italian and international market.


The owning group Wild Bunch AG, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is one of the major independent European players when it comes to producing and distributing Films, Documentaries and Drama Series, with a catalogue of over 2.500 titles. Thanks to its international presence, the pan-European holding Group has contributed to the success of numerous feature films such as The Artist (5 Academy Awards©, including Best Film), Blue is the Warmest Colour, Dheepan, Fahrenheit 9/11 (all of which won the Palm d’Or© at the Cannes Film Festival ) and Pan’s Labyrinth (3 Academy Awards©). Bim Produzione joins the other European production company divisions of Wild Bunch AG: Senator Produktion (Germany), Vertigo (Spain) and Wild Bunch (France).


April 2021 sees the release of Nudes, an original RaiPlay TV Series, produced by Bim Produzione in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Italian remake of the Norwegian teen drama, Nudes tells the stories of three teenagers who have to deal with the online divulgation of private sexually oriented images. Bim Produzione is currently co-producing a feature film with Palomar starring Edoardo Leo and is developing other three Tv Shows with the main OTT platforms.


Riccardo Russo

Martino Mangili

Company Highlights

NUDES  2021

Format:           TV Series 

Genre:             Teen Drama

Director:         Laura Luchetti 

Screenplay:     Emanuela Canonico, Valerio D’Annunzio, Matteo Menduni, Giulio Fabroni 

Cast:                Nicolas Maupas, Fotini' Peluso, Anna Agio  


Italian remake of the Norwegian drama produced by NRK. Adolescence. Amazing years for some. Years others would rather forget. Teenage years indelibly mark our personal histories. There is one thing teenagers in every place and time have in common: “the shadow line”, a threshold that once crossed cannot be reversed. Nudes reveals how dangerous it can be to cross this shadow line. It is the story of three teenagers who are thrown into a reality far bigger than them after their nude photographs are uploaded online. There are victims and perpetrators. Sofia, Ada and Vittorio. Three individual stories make up this high-end teen-drama that unfolds along the quiet streets of a little Italian town. It is an anthological narrative, homogeneous and deeply emotional, that reveals the consequences of exposing one’s body - or watching one’s own body being exposed.