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Following its first successes such as Luc Jacquet’s The March of the Penguin and The Fox and the Child  (which together drew over 2 million viewers in France), Bonne Pioche Cinema invests in ambitious projects that fit into its editorial policy of unique family films that speak to and touch a broad spectrum of viewers. 


After the incredible story of Antarctica’s emperor penguins, seen in over 60 countries, was awarded an Oscar,  Being Jacques Chirac by Karl Zero and Michel Royer won the Cesar for the Best Documentary, the same category that Antoine de Maximy’s HollywoodI'm Sleeping Over Tonight was nominated in two years later.


Bonne Pioche then went on to produce ToscanThe French Touch, Isabelle Partiot-Pieri’s portrait of the famous film producer which has been selected for Cannes Classics and won the Audience Special Prize at the ColCoa Festival (Los Angeles). 


In 2011, Bonne Pioche Cinema coproduced Pierre Pinaud’s On Air starring Karin Viard and Nicolas Duvauchelle and, in 2012, produced Joel Franka’s A Song For Mama with Sylvie Testud, Patrick Timsit, and Dave.


In 2013, the company released Luc Jacquet’s Once Upon A Forest.  In 2015, it produced Christophe Lioud's first film, Twisting Fate and joined forces with Aloest to co-produce the feature documentary Little Gems by Xavier de Lauzanne, both released in France in 2016.


In 2016, Bonne Pioche Cinema also released We Are Family, a family comedy directed by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière which was a summer hit in France (UGC).


In 2017, Bonne Pioche Cinema released through Disney Nature March of the Penguins 2: The Call by Luc Jacquet, sold internationally by Wild Bunch. 


With twelve films to date, Bonne Pioche Cinema has obtained seven Cesar Award nominations and one Bafta nomination and has won one Oscar, two Cesars, a Victoire de la Musique, a Magritte and an Audience Special Prize at ColCoa.

Pascal Guerrin


Yves Darondeau





Genre:            Feature Documentary 

Director:        Luc Jacquet

Screenplay:    Luc Jacquet

Cast:                Morgan Freeman (narrator)


Filmmaker Luc Jacquet returns to the Antarctic to revisit the Emperor Penguins who call the frozen continent home. A decade after making his Academy Award winning March of the Penguins, Jacquet spent two months shooting in the Antarctic winter using the new technology of 4K cameras, airborne drones, and under-ice diving to show the astonishing lives of these mysterious creatures in an entirely new light. March of the Penguins 2 tells the story of two penguins, a father and son, as they face and overcome the almost unimaginable challenges of life in this hostile land.    


Sold Worldwide by Wild Bunch. French release by Disney    




Genre:              Feature Documentary
Director:          Xavier de Lauzanne
Screenplay:     Xavier de Lauzanne


Today, they are 25 years old and have finished school or already started working. When they were children, they all had to scavenge for survival in the trash dump of Stung Meanchey – Cambodia. That is where a couple of French travelers, Christian and Marie-France, met them for the first time over 20 years ago. Ever since they have struggled relentlessly to remove the children from such a hell. So far, they have helped around 10 000 children to get an education and build their future.


COLCOA Los Angeles - Best documentary





Genre:              Family Comedy
Director:          Gabriel Julien -Laferrière
Screenplay:     Camille Moreau, Olivier Treiner
Cast:                 Julie Gayet, Julie Depardieu, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Thierry Neuvic


Bastien, 13, is an only child… well, sort of. The various divorces and new relationships of his parents and step-dads have brought Bastien six step brothers and sisters. This means lots of moms, lots of dads, and many bedrooms where the kids spend a few nights, then pack up and move to the other parent’s home. Constantly carrying their lives on their backs, the children call themselves “The Turtles”. But now, Bastien has had enough. And he’s got a revolutionary plan: The seven kids will live in one place and the grownups will be the ones rotating! Confronted with how complicated they’ve made their kids’ lives, the parents reluctantly agree to give Bastien’s model a try… Secretly hoping that everything will return to normal soon. But nothing works out as expected including the grownups who discover thanks to the seven kids, that a fragmented family can perhaps become united in solidarity, in this great big loving mess of a home!


Cannes Junior 2016 - Opening Film


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