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cannes film festival
selection 2021

Discover our members selected and

awarded in this 74th edition.

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We would like to warmly congratulate our EPC members who won a prize during this Cannes Film Festival 2021! Here is the EPC palmares:


Palme d’Or

TITANE, coproduced with Jean-Yves Roubin from Frakas Productions (Belgium)

and Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema


Grand Prix, Best Director & Best Performance by an Actress

Respectively A HERO, ANNETTE and THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, coproduced with Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema


Jury Prize

AHED’S KNEE, coproduced with Janine Jackowski and Jonas Dornach

from Komplizen Film (Germany) and Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema


CST Artist-Technician Prize

PETROV’S FLU, coproduced with Roman Paul and Gerhard Meixner

from Razor Film (Germany) and Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema

CST Young Film Technician Award

MI IUBITA, MON AMOUR, produced by Philip Boëffard

from Nord-Ouest Films (France)


Un Certain Regard Prize

UNCLENCHING THE FISTS, produced by Alexander Rodnyansky

from AR Content (Russia)

Un Certain Regard Jury Prize

GREAT FREEDOM, produced by Benny Drechsel

from Rohfilm Productions (Germany)

Un Certain Regard Ensemble Prize

BONNE MERE, coproduced with Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema





Label Europa Cinemas

A CHIARA, coproduced with Carole Scotta from Haut et Court (France)

and Rémi Burah from Arte France Cinema

Prix SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques)

MAGNETIC BEATS, coproduced with Jan Krûger

from Port au Prince (Germany)




Prix Fondation Louis Roederer de la Révélation

AMPARO, coproduced with Martin Heisler

from Flare Film (Germany)



OLGA,  produced by Jean Marc Fröhle

from Point Prod (Switzerland)

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