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Catpics Ltd was founded in 1984 as an independent production company. Catpics has specialized in quality feature films and documentaries with commercial appeal. Catpics production Journey of Hope  (1991) by Xavier Koller was awarded an Oscar for the best non-English language film. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Catpics Ltd not only focuses on telling great stories in unique ways but also on producing commercially viable feature films for the global marketplace. Sarah Born took over the company in 2016 and dedicated herself to produce a diverse range of quality entertainment for today’s audience and to collaborate with like-minded international and domestic partners to bring great stories to the screen.



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Genre:             Documentary

Director:         Léa Pool

Screenplay:     Léa Pool


If women are sentenced to serve time in prison, the children depending on them also suffer. In four locations – Nepal, Québec, Bolivia and the USA, Léa Pool’s documentary tells the story of children, whose lives are impacted by incarceration: they are robbed of their primary caregiver, are shunned by their communities, and have to deal with judicial systems that are ill equipped to protect children’s rights. Double sentence lends a voice to those children but also allows their parents and social workers to have their say..



Genre:            Documentary

Director:        Robert Kolinsky

Screenplay:    Robert Kolinsky,

Cast:               Istvan Szabo, Miloos Forman, Vera Chytilova, Ken Loach a.m.o.


Jiri Menzel's passion is theatre - his career in film took place rather coincidentally. Despite this, the 77-year-old Czech can count Miloš Forman, Ken Loach, Emir Kusturica, and István Szabo, among others, to his fans and friends. István Szabo even refers to himself as the biggest Menzel fan ever. For the first time, the film tells the story of this exceptional filmmaker.

Karlovy Vary, Zlin, Denver Film Festival, Freistadt Festival, Bozner Filmtage Bolzano Cinema, a.m.o.


Genre:              Documentary

Director:          Sebastian Winkles

Screenplay:      Sebastian Winkles

A film about our relationship with money. Customers on five continents meet with their bank consultants. A business relationship on a personal level. Questions, anxieties, offerings, decisions. Values are negotiated, soliciting, wavering, giving and taking. The currency is called trust. The conversation at the table serves as the film’s interface and narrative space. How do we talk about money? A global connection.

Nyon, Leipzig, a.m.o. / Pre-selection German Filmprize 2019


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