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Marco Chimenz is the CEO of Cattleya, Italy's main independent film and TV drama production company. He is actively involved in the company’s strategic and main creative decisions. His principal focus is on developing international relations and activities for both film and television. He also directly oversees the legal, business affairs and marketing departments. Cattleya has produced over 60 feature films and a dozen television series, including the recent Gomorrah and Suburra


Over the last few years, Cattleya has increased its activities for the small screen, supplying high-end series to national and international broadcasters,  SKY Italy, Canal+, and Netflix. In 2017, ITV Studio acquired a majority stake in the company. 

Marco Chimenz was President of the EPC in May 2015.

Marco Chimenz




Genre:             TV Series, Crime, Drama-Commissioned by Netflix

Director:         Michele Placido, Guiseppe Capotondi, Andrea Molaioli

Screenplay:    Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio

Cast:               Alessandro Borghi, Claudia Gerini, Giacomo Ferrara, Filippo Nigro


In ancient Rome, there was a vast urban slum in the heart of the city. The neighborhood was called <Suburra> and amidst the abject squalor, senators, and criminals secretly met in the shadows to broker deals and forge alliances while indulging in every vice imaginable. Today little has changed. And to preserve the power equilibrium that has existed for centuries, politicians, builders, criminals and members of Vatican continue to meet in secret to determine the eternal city's destiny. 




Genre:              TV Series - Crime, Drama - Commissioned by SKY Italy

Director:          Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini
Screenplay:      Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli

Cast:                 Marco D'Amore, Salvatore Esposito 


What once was the Savastano's kingdom is now broken in areas ruled by new bosses. If a new King wants to rule them all, he has to conquer new frontiers. However, those who want power know very well that they cannot do it by themselves. They have to wisely choose their alleys. They have to learn how to discern friends from enemies. They have to fight secret wars. These are the only ways, if any, for a new Kingdom to rise. 




Genre:             TV Series - Procedural, Crime, Drama - Commissioned by RAI

Director:          Marco Pontecorv

Screenplay:     Donatella Diamanti, Vittorino Testa, Giampaolo Simi, Francesco Amat

Cast:                Claudio Amendola, Miguel Angel Gobbo Diaz, Fortunato Cerlino, Rosa Diletta Rossi


CARLO AND MALIK is a series targeted to the general audience, about an odd couple of cops dealing with the most beautiful, horrible and complicated city in Italy. A blend of crime and romance, it talks about race issues while trying to stay away from the usual politically correct tone of the broadcast television products.

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