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Company Profile

Climax Films is an established film production company based in Brussels run and founded in 2004 by Olivier Rausin who produced over 50 films including 32 feature films. In 2013, Caroline Houben joined the company and is now partner and producer.

Climax Films has always been focused on high quality feature films, both independent films and international ones aimed at a wide audience. For the last two years, ClimaxFilms has started to expand its activities to series productions and several projects are currently in development. The company works with international writers and directors and has co-production partners across Europe and North America.

Olivier Rausin AOC Producer.png

Olivier Rausin

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Caroline Houben

Company Highlights


Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Jaco Van Dormael

Screenplay:      Jaco Van Dormael & Thomas Gunzig

Cast:                Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, François Damiens, Yolande Moreau, Serge Larivière

God exists. He lives in Brussels. He is a bastard who is horrible to his wife and daughter. We have heard a lot about his son, but very little about his daughter. His daughter - that is me. I am Ea and I am twelve. To avenge myself, I published everybody’s death date on the Internet.

Golden Globe nominee (Foreign Language Best Motion Picture)
4 Magritte Awards (Best Director, Best Script, Best Film, Best Original Score)
Quinzaine des réalisateurs selection European Film Awards nominee (Audience Award)

César Awards nominee (Best Foreign Film)

Biografilm Europa Audience Award Norwegian

IFF (Most Enjoyable Film, Audience Award)

Austin Fantastic Fest (Best Picture Award)
Sitges - Catalonian IFF (Best Actress Award - Pili Groyne) Haifa

IFF (Best International Film Award)


Genre:             Fantasy/Drama

Director:          Harry Cleven

Screenplay:     Harry Cleven & Thomas Gunzig

Cast:                 Fleur Geffrier, Elina Lowenson

Following the mysterious disappearance of her partner, Louise, overwhelmed by sorrow is confined to a mental institution. In great secrecy, she gives birth to a baby boy whom she calls MON ANGE, and who is gifted with an incredible peculiarity: he is invisible. Louise forces MON ANGE to conceal himself from the world which is intolerant of difference. Yet, one day Mon Ange meets Madeleine, a little blind girl with whom he falls madly in love. Thanks to her blindness, MON ANGE can love Madeleine while keeping his own secret. Over the years their love grows, until the day when Madeleine delivers the news that is going to turn their life upside down: she is going to regain her eyesight...

Camerimage (Best cinematographer’s debut Award - Juliette Van Dormael)

Magritte Award (Most Promising Actress - Maya Dory)

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival : Special Mention – Harry Cleven


Genre:             Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

Director:          Marco Bonfanti

Screenplay:     Marco Bonfanti & Giulio Carrieri

Cast:                 Elio Germano, Michela Cescon, Elena Cotta, Silvia D’Amico, Vincent Scarito

The incredible story of Oscar, the only man in the world whithout gravity, but who had no idea how to use his natural ability.