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Founded in 1986, Colorado Film, is the leading company of the Iven Group. The Group is active in film and television production (Colorado Film), talent management (Moviement), and music score labels (San Isidro).

The company is managed by founder and partner Maurizio Totti supported since 2010 by CEO and partner Alessandro Usai.
In 2017 Rainbow, the company leader in animation and kids contents with IP’s such as Winx Club and others, acquired a majority stake in Iven creating, therefore, a media company active both in animation and live action.

In recent years Colorado produced more than 30 films many of which were box office hits and it can be considered a leader in domestic comedies and more recently in genre films also trough the partnership with writer/director Donato Carrisi (the joint venture Gavila srl.). Colorado’s partners and clients include all main media players in the country and abroad (RTI; Medusa; Warner Bros.; Sky; Vision Distribution; StudioCanal; TF1 among the others). The company is also active in development and production of TV series and entertainment shows, with its stand-up comedian show COLORADO, celebrating recently its 15th anniversary of prime time broadcasting.

Alessandro Usai




Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Guido Chiesa

Screenplay:     Nicoletta Micheli, Giovanni Bognetti, Guido Chiesa

Cast:                 Valentina Lodovini, Libero De Rienzo, Andrea Pisani and Neri Marcorè


Giulia, a 40 years old woman lives in the hustle and bustle of a big city subjected to all kinds of stress.
Every day she has to fight against everyone: a new garment without any experience and too inclined to undergo the charm of the young employees, a penniless painter and profiteer companion with a restless teenage son, a best friend taken only by herself and her imaginary loves, and not to mention the damned balance that always marks the same weight despite the exhausting diet.
Giulia sketches, swallows, bends, totally unable to be respected. The tranquilizers she has been taking for some time are useless and, exhausted, she decides to turn to a holistic counselor, whose face has inexplicably appeared to her everywhere for some time.
What happens to Giulia when she leaves the charismatic therapist’s studio is a real explosion and all the humiliations and anger held inside for too long bounce outside with hundredfold energy.
But is Giulia’s life will it really be everything to change?


Genre:              Comedy, Family

Director:          Gianluca Leuzzi

Screenplay:     Andrea Boin, Luigi Calagna, Emanuela Canonico, Sofia Scalia

Cast:                Sofia Scalia, Luigi Calagna, Michele Savoia, Antonella Carone, Giustina Bonomo, Maria Protromastro


Luì and Sofì fight the terrible Signor S once again, this time he will be revealed to the public!

World premiere at Toronto IFF


Genre:             Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director:         Donato Carrisi

Screenplay:    Donato Carrisi

Cast:               Tony Servillo, Valentina Bellè, Dustin Hoffman

Samantha, a young kidnapped girl, resurfaces in shock after being imprisoned and hospitalized. Next to her is Dr. Green, a profiler who investigates victims’ minds to find clues. Genko, a private investigator, is also on the kidnapper’s trail.


Genre:             Thriller, Horror

Director:         Roberto De Feo

Screenplay:     Roberto De Feo, Margherita Ferri, Lucio Besana

Cast:                Francesca Cavallin, Ginevra Francesconi, Gabriele Falsetta, Justin Korovkin

Samuel is a paraplegic boy who lives with his mother Elena in an isolated mansion. When he meets Denise, he finds the strength to open up to the world. Elena won’t let him go so easily, and she is ready to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Cairo International Film Festival 2019: Midnight Screenings;
International Thessaloniki Film Festival 2019: Round Midnight;
Locarno Festival 2019: Piazza Grande - Crazy Midnight;
Vancouver International Film Festival 2019: Oficial Fantàstic Competición;
52 SITGES - Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic de Catalunya - 2019

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