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Founded in 1970 by Elio Scardamaglia and Federico Fellini, Compagnia Leone Cinematografica has been part of the Italian and International production business ever since.

Original IP is our Beacon! Prime TV scripted content is our core business, but we are currently developing new feature projects, finding inspiration in the primal DNA of the company.
Our goal is to find new partners, build up international teams, in order to produce ever-greater quality content.

Among our projects:

I CLOWNS, by Federico Fellini; Paolo Borsellino - THE 57 DAYS. In arte NINO, with Elio Germano. I RAGAZZI DELLO ZECCHINO D’ORO, TV movie. UNA PALLOTTOLA NEL CUORE, TV series with Gigi Proietti.LA FUGGITIVA - TV series in post-production co-produced with RaiFiction.
THE LIONS OF SICILY, currently in development, based on the Top Selling Italian book, I Leoni di Sicilia!


Federico Scardamaglia (2).JPG

Federico Scardamaglia

Simone Frattari.jpg

Simone Frattari



Genre:              Drama

Director:          Carlo Carlei

Screenplay:     Claudio Norza

Cast:                 Vittoria Puccini, Pina Turco, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Sergio Romano, Antonio Gerardi, Ivan Franek, Maurizio                                  Marchetti, Giorgia Salari


LA FUGGITIVA is the story of Arianna who’s on the run. Accused of of her husband’s murder, must prove her innocence while being hunted by the police. There is, however, someone else looking for her, someone who wants her dead: it is the criminal network that has devastated a territory with toxic waste. A plague that caused illnesses, deaths and sufferings and Fabrizio, Arianna’s husband, wanted to report at the cost of his life. Arianna, strong of her secret past as a child soldier in Bosnia, will fight against everything and everyone to obtain justice and truth, for her husband and for all the innocent victims of this criminal cartel, and to regain the trust of her son.



Genre:              Biography, musical

Director:         Ambrogio Logiudice

Screenplay:     Anna Pavignano, Carlotta Veroni, Ambrogio Logiudice

Cast:                Matilda De Angelis, Maya Sansa, Antonio Gerardi, Velentina Cervi, Simone Gandolfo

1960s, Bologna. Mimmo is a naughty boy from a southern family with an extraordinary musical ear. Ernestina, his mother, decides to take him to an audition for the first edition of a singing competition at the Antoniano in Bologna: the Zecchino d’Oro. There he meets Mariele Ventre, a young choir teacher, and that meeting changes his life.


Genre:             Crime, Comedy, Family

Director:         Luca Manfred

Screenplay:    Salvatore Basile, Nicola Lusuardi

Cast:               Gigi Proietti, Francesca Inaudi, Licia Maglietta, Marco Marzocca, Paola Minaccioni

Bruno Palmieri is a long standing Roman crime reporter who during the decades has covered hundreds of cases; he has an infallible memory. He remembers people and details. Bruno lives with a bullet close to his heart. Many years ago someone shot him in the back and trying to remove the bullet would be too risky for his life. Now on the threshold of retirement, Bruno cannot stop, because he is heading towards a second professional youth trying to solve old cases.
Meanwhile, there’s a newcomer at his newspaper, Maddalena, she’s Bruno’s natural daughter, the fruit of a relationship with an old flame, Paola, who left him immediately after he was injured, when she discovered she was
pregnant so as not to further upset his life.

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