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Deputy Chairman Constantin Film AG, Producer



Managing Director Constantin Television

+49 89 44 44 600




Constantin Television GmbH was founded in 2006 and has since then established itself as a producer of high-quality scripted TV programming under the leadership of managing directors Jan Ehlert, Tim Greve, Norbert Hermannstädter and Friedrich Radmann.

Additionally, Constantin Television combines the development and creation of all national and international productions of the Constantin Film AG company group that are not intended for cinema release in the segments of TV, entertainment and digital media.

In addition to its deep production know-how both domestically and internationally, Constantin Television has a broad network of all relevant broadcasters, platforms and financing partners as well as access to creative talent.


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Oliver Berben


Friedrich Radmann




Format:              Interactive TV Event

Genre:                Court Drama

Director:            Lars Kraume

Screenplay:       Ferdinand von Schirach

Cast:                  Lars Eidinger, Barbara Auer, Matthias Habich, Ulrich Matthes, Anna Maria Mühe, Christiane Paul, Götz                                        Schubert, Ina Weisse  

Ever since his wife passed away, 78-year-old Richard has lost the will to live. He is not sick at all, but due to the loss of the love of his life, he wants to end it, assisted by his physician Dr. Brandt. However, he is denied the assisted suicide – but Richard does not accept this and sues. Now, the Ethics Council has to decide an essential question: Do human beings have the right to decide over their own life and death? A gripping, interactive court drama, where the audience will hear arguments from several perspectives: law, church, academia, medical professionals, and a man who wants to take fate in his own hands. In the end, the viewer will decide whether Richard has a right to assisted suicide.


Format:            Series

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Philipp Kadelbach

Screenplay:      Annette Hess

Cast:                 Jana McKinnon, Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Lena Urzendowsky, Bruno Alexander, Jeremias Meyer, Lea Drinda 


A Constantin Television Production in co-production with Amazon

The story of the Bahnhof Zoo children has been the subject of discussion since the book was first published in 1978. The series is a modern and contemporary interpretation, inspired by the gripping memoirs of Christiane F., and recounts the fate of six teenagers who fight for their dream of happiness boisterously and uncompromisingly. They refuse to be victims, they are young, brave and strong and their story is absolutely moving and thrilling. In eight episodes, WE CHILDREN FROM BAHNHOF ZOO shows a picture of the drugs and club scene in Berlin that is both provocative, controversial and impressive.



Format:          TV Event
Genre:            Contemporary Drama / Detective / Police
Director:        Nils Willbrandt
Screenplay:   Ferdinand von Schirach, Jan Ehlert, Nils Willbrandt
Cast:              Klaus Maria Brandauer, Bjarne Mädel, Franz Hartwig, Katharina Schlothauer, Ulrike Kriener, Marc Hosemann,                              Harald Schrott, Ursina Lardi, Samuel Finzi, Gitta Schweighöfer, Neda Rahmanian


A MOOVIE production commissioned by ARD Degeto for Das Erste.

One story, two perspectives, two films: A police officer and a defense attorney struggling for what is right and what is just.

The kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl is told in two parallel films. One film follows inspector Peter Nadler, who in a race against time uses dangerous methods to save the girl. The other follows the accused’s defense attorney, Konrad Biegler, who wants to protect his client at all costs. In the end, Nadler and Biegler face each other in court and fight for their ideas of justice. But what is right and what is just? Does the end justify all means? Is the rule of law and its representatives allowed to do everything when it comes to saving human lives or must the law apply always and for all? We all want to do the right thing, but are we allowed to break the law for that?

This thrilling two-part TV event shows how dangerous it can become, if one puts its own sense of justice over the law. Starring Oscar-nominee Klaus Maria Brandauer (OUT OF AFRICA, JAMES BOND - NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN) and Bjarne Mädel (HOW TO SELL DRUGS ONLINE (FAST), CRIME SCENE CLEANER). FERDINAND VON SCHIRACH: ENEMIES also captivates with the visually impressive production of director Nils Willbrandt.

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