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CEO, Producer, Co-founder


Producer, Co-founder


dispàrte is an independent production company founded in Rome in 2015 by Alessandro Amato and Luigi Chimienti. We develop projects by emerging and established authors through a careful editorial process, exploring different ways to create inspiring characters and stories, with an international appeal and imagined for a wide audience. Our latest feature, Margini (2022) by Niccolò Falsetti was presented in competition at the Venice International Critics' Week in 2022, where it won the Audience Award. Our international co-production, Maternal (2019) by Maura Delpero, was presented at the Concorso Internazionale of Locarno Film Festival, winning four awards: the Jury's Special Mention, the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film, the Ecumenical Jury Prize and the Second Prize of the Young Jury. The film was selected in more than 120 festivals and won more than 30 awards, including the prestigious Women in Motion Young Talent Award from the Kering Group at the Cannes Film Festival, the FIPRESCI Award at the Festival Internacional de Cine in Mar del Plata, and was nominated for the Nastri d'Argento 2021 and the David di Donatello 2022 as Best Debut Film. Our slate of in-development projects currently includes features and Tv series in co-production with Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, France and Portugal.

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Alessandro Amato

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Luigi Chimienti



Format:          Feature film

Genre:            Drama
Director:        Maura Delpero
Screenplay:    Maura Delpero
Cast:              Lidiya Liberman, Denise Carrizo, Agustina Malale, Isabella Cilia, Alan Rivas, Livia Fernán, Marta Lubos, Renata Palminiello

The Hogar is a paradoxical world in which the precocious maternity of a group of teens lives together with the vow of chastity made by the nuns who welcomed them, between rigid rules and Christian love. Sister Paola has just arrived in Buenos Aires from Italy to finish her novitiate and take her final vows at the Hogar, an Italian religious centre for teen mums in Buenos. Lu and Fati are 17-year-olds abruptly converted into mothers. Three different women who will influence each other's lives and their relationship with motherhood.

PARTIAL : Locarno Film Festival 2019 - Concorso Internazionale (Special Mention of the Concorso Internazionale Jury, Europa Cinemas Label for Best European Film, Ecumenic Jury Award, Second Prize of the Youth Jury) • Annecy Cinéma Italien (Audience Award) • Reykjavík International Film Festival (Special Mention of the Jury) • Busan International Film Festival – World Cinema • BFI London Film Festival • Festa del Cinema di Roma , Alice nella città • Chicago International Film Festival – New Directors Competition • Leiden International Film Festival – First Features Competition • Stockholm International Film Festival – Discovery • Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla – Las Nuevas Olas • Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata (FIPRESCI Prize, Special Mention for Best Feature Film) • AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival – New Auteurs • Cairo International Film Festival – International Panorama • Les Arcs Film Festival – Summit • Dublino International Film Festival • Odesa International Film Festival • Moscow International Film Festival • International Film Festival of India, Goa • Nastri d’Argento Miglior Regista Esordiente (nomination) • David di Donatello Miglior Esordio alla Regia (nomination) • Premios Cóndor de Plata Mejor Película en Coproducción con Argentina (nomination)

MARGINI  2022 

Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Dramedy

Director:          Niccolò Falsetti

Screenplay:     Niccolò Falsetti, Francesco Turbanti, Tommaso Renzoni

Cast:                Francesco Turbanti, Emanuele Linfatti, Matteo Creatini, Valentina Carnelutti, Nicola Rignanese, Paolo Cioni, Aurora Malianni and Silvia D’Amico

Grosseto, late 2000s. Edoardo, Iacopo e Michele are the three young members of a punk band from Grosseto, a small and quiet town in the Tuscan Maremma. Tired of performing in cheap contexts, they finally have the opportunity to open for one of their favourite popular hardcore American band: the Defense. The day has come and the three are loading the last instruments on the car when they receive a call from the organisers: the concert fell through. Edo, Iac and Miche don’t give up. If they can’t play with the Defense in Bologna, it means the Defense will come to Grosseto. Nevertheless, the small-town reality and the grotesque mentality of its inhabitants make things difficult, if not impossible. The arrival of the band is inexorably sneaking up and, besides the doubtful turnout of the endeavour, their personal lives are on shaky ground as well. The risk is to lose something precious and irreplaceable that they have always been taking for granted: their strong and unique friendship.


• Venice International Critics' Week 2022 (Audiance Award) • Annecy Cinéma Italien





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