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D.N.A. has been operating since 2001. Receiving valuable experience in television and commercial production, the company started producing independent arthouse short films (VOICES, DARKROOM), which not only received attention and critical acclaim, but also were successful at the international festival circuit. Since 2007, the company produces artistically challenging feature films and has since established strong relationships with young filmmaking talents, who are willing to cross the borders of genre and explore new narrative structures. With director Peter Bebjak, the company produced APRICOT ISLAND (2011), a melodrama, EVIL (2012), the first Slovak horror and THE CLEANER (2015), a psychological drama, all of which were presented at international film festivals world-wide and received awards.

The TV series THE JUSTICE won in the 2018 Czech Lion Awards for Best Television Film or Miniseries.

Rasto Sestak





Format:            Film Noir

Genre:             Thriller

Director:          Peter Bebjak

Screenplay:     Peter Bebjak and Peter Gašparík
Cast:                 Noel Czucor, Rebeka Polaková, Kamil Kollárik


He is lacking social relationships. Observing other lives from behind the closet doors makes him feel safe and quiets down his solitude. Everything changes, when he decides to come out.

Lecce - Best Cinematography




Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama
Director:          Peter Bebjak
Screenplay:     Peter Lipovský
Cast:                 Szidi Tobias, Attila Mokos, Peter Nadasdi, Gyorgi Cserhalmi


The story of a girl who raises passion and subsequent rage between two brothers. The inhabitants of the nearby village watch their lives from faraway. The only witness to their undistinguished, hidden and suddenly awakened love, which drives them hopelessly to a tragic end, is the beautiful nature surrounding the Danube backwaters.

2012 Rouen International Film Festival (France), Grand Prix



VOICES  2010

Format:            Short Dance film

Director:         Peter Bebjak

Screenplay:     Peter Bebjak and Rasto Sestak


2013 Dance Screen San Francisco (USA) BEST PROGRAMMES OVER 15 min.

AVANCA 2011 (Portugal) Best Video Film
In Shadow 2011 (Portugal) Best International Film
2011 Asolo Film Festival (Italy) Best Film Award in the FILMS ON ART category

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