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101 reasons Why Independent Producers are the Driving Force

of the Film Industry


The aim of 2nd European Film Politics Seminar (hosted by the Venice Production Bridge) was to debate reasons why independent producers are the driving force of the film industry at large.

The debate linked back to the 1st edition of the Seminar (in Feb 2020, hosted by the European Film Market of the Berlinale), where 50 experts from the industry and public funding bodies from across the continent have identified, debated and voted three important Calls to Action:

  • imposing transparency about consumption data of European works and revenues;

  • ensuring the channeling of financial investments and levies into works by independent producers; and last but not least,

  • enabling independent producers to retain IP and rights for their works.

The Covid-19 has accelerated the disruption of the film industry as we know it. Whereas the immediate effects are known (and include a strong shift in terms of viewer destination and an equally strong shift of the money flow in the film business), the future effects can and should be shaped by foresighted and brave European and national regulation. The role of independent producers in this fast-changing development remains pivotal, for at least 101 reasons.

Discover the 101 reasons why in the video above: 




  • Pandora Da Cunha Telles, Producer, Ukbar Filmes (Portugal)

  • Marco Chimenz, Co-CEO and Producer, Cattleya (Italy)

  • Friedrich Radmann, Managing Director, Constantin Television (Germany)

  • Mathieu Fournet, International Affairs Director, CNC (France) and EFAD representative


Melanie Goodfellow, Screen International's Senior Correspondent, Europe & Middle East (UK)


​The 2nd European Film Politics Seminar in Sept 2020 is hosted by the Venice Production Bridge and organized by Alexandra Lebret of European Producers Club (EPC), Erwin M. Schmidt of the German Producers Association (Produzentenverband), and Doreen Boonekamp (independent consultant), in cooperation with the Association of European Film Agencies (EFAD). The inaugural edition of the European Film Politics Seminar took place in Feb 2020 during the Berlinale and was initiated and hosted by the European Film Market (EFM).



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