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Cannes 2021

New Deal Structures: Towards a healthy symbiotic balance between the independent European audiovisual industry and streamers

The 4th European Film Politics Seminar, hosted by the Cannes Film Festival, opened the Marché du Film.

This Cannes edition focused on the contractual relations between the independent sector and the streamers, and with a special insight on the absolute need for data transparency.


The debate was moderated by Melanie Goodfellow from Screen international and gathered speakers, intervening on behalf of all sectors directors, producers, authors, regulators: Agnieszka Holland, film director and President of the European Film Academy, and Martin Moszkowicz, President of Constantin Film.  


The first part of the Seminar was dedicated to a presentation of the recently published Code of Fair Practices, by Alexandra Lebret, Managing Director of the European Producers Club and Dariusz Jablonski, VP of the European Producers Club and President and Producer of Apple Film, Poland. This is followed by a keynote by James Hickey, former CEO of Screen Ireland and Legal Advisor of the European Producers Club.


The second part of the Seminar will focus on the importance of transparency for authors, directors producers, national funds and regulators. To discuss this part with us we welcomed: Ulrik Jorgensen, CEO and Executive Producer at Arena Film, Denmark - Pauline Durand Vialle, CEO of the Federation of European Screen Directors – Julie Jeanne Regnault, Secretary-General of the European Film Agency Directors – Doreen Boonekamp, Advisor and Consultant of the EFPS, The Netherlands – Chris Marcich, CEO of the Croatian Audiovisual Center – Frédéric Bokobza, Chair of the ERGA Subgroup "Completion of the EU regulatory framework relevant for media" and Deputy Director-General of the French CSA.


The 4th European Film Politics Seminar is hosted by the Marché du Film of Festival de Cannes, organized by EPC - the European Producers Club and Produzentenverband - the German Producers Association, in partnership with the European Film Academy and EFAD- the association of national Film Agencies in Europe.

Doreen Boonekamp acts as a general advisor and consultant for the European Film Politics Seminar. This Seminar is linked back to the previous editions of the European Film Politics Seminar that took place in Berlin in February 2020 and March 2021  and the September 2020 edition in Venice.

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