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     CARLO DUSI       

Managing Director

      JEZ SWIMER       



Company Profile


Endor Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, is known for its award-winning international drama. Founded by Hilary Bevan Jones, and now run by Carlo Dusi, Endor has a vibrant slate of film and television including: Neil Gaiman’s internationally best-selling novel Anansi Boys for Amazon Studios, currently shooting in Edinburgh and starring Delroy Lindo and Malachi Kirby; returning series Vienna Blood currently shooting its third season; and the upcoming But When We Dance, a romantic comedy film commissioned by BBC One. Previous productions incude two seasons of Matthew Parkhill’s Deep State for Fox International and Epix; gothic drama film Gwen; The Escape Artist, written by David Wolstencroft and starring David Tennant and Toby Keppell; Restless, written by William Boyd and starring Hayley Atwell, Rufus Sewell and Charlotte Rampling; That Day We Sang, written and directed by Victoria Wood, starring Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball; and Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot starring Dustin Hoffman, Dame Judi Dench and James Corden.


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Carlo Dusi 

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Jez Swimer   

Company Highlights


VIENNA BLOOD (Seasons 1 and 2)  S1: 2019; S2: 2021

Format:            Tv Series

Genre:              Period crime thriller
Director:          Robert Dornhelm, Umut Dag

Screenplay:      Steve Thompson
Cast:                 Matthew Beard, Juergen Meurer, Conleth Hill, Amelia Bulmore, Charlene McKenna, Luise von Finckh

Co-producers:  Co-producer: MR Film. Commissioners: ORF, ZDF. Other partners: BBC, PBS, Red Arrow Studios International


1900s Vienna: a hotbed of philosophy, science, and art, where a clash of cultures and ideas collide in the city's grand cafes and opera houses. Max Liebermann, a medical student and protegé of Sigmund Freud, helps Detective Rheinhardt in the investigation of a series of disturbing murders around 1900s Vienna.


DEEP STATE (seasons 1 and 2)  S1: 2018; S2: 2019

Format:            Series 

Genre:              Political thriller
Director:          Robert Connolly, Matthew Parkhill
Screenplay:     Matthew Parkhill  
Cast:                S1: Mark Strong, Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams; S2: Walton Goggin, Joe Dempsey, Anastasia Griffith    

Co-producers/commissioners: Fox International, Epix

What happens when a man who believes he has retired from MI6 is called back to do one more job to regain his life, only to discover that this job may mean he has no life to go back to.


Format:            Feature Film

Genre:              Romantic comedy
Director:          Dearbhla Walsh
Screenplay:     Richard Curtis, Paul Mayhew-Archer
Cast:                 Dustin Hoffman, Judy Dench, James Corden     

Co-producers/commissioners: BBC, Red Arrow Studios International, The Weinstein Company


Lonely, aging bachelor Mr. Hoppy (Dustin Hoffman) lives in a London flat and has two loves in his life - his balcony garden and Mrs. Silver (Dame Judi Dench), the widow in the flat below. Sadly, Mrs. Silver is too fond of her tortoise Alfie to respond. Noting that Mrs. Silver is perturbed that Alfie never seems to grow, Mr. Hoppy hatches a plan to show her how much he cares. This involves buying dozens of tortoises of increasing sizes to gradually substitute for Alfie, leading Mrs. Silver to believe that a Bedouin chant - Esio Trot - is making her pet grow. However, he is rumbled when one of the tortoises escapes. And, with another, brash resident vying for Mrs. Silver's affections, will Mr. Hoppy find happiness with the woman he loves?


Two Emmy International Award nominations, for Judy Dench and Dustin Hoffman. Win for Dustin Hoffman.





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