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Co-Managing Director of Federation Studios


Fabula Pictures is a Rome-based production company founded by producers Nicola and Marco De Angelis. Specialized in the creation of feature films and scripted TV series, Fabula Pictures is active on both domestic and international markets, producing content for major national broadcasters and global platforms. Recent titles include Baby (Netflix), Wake Up My Love (Mediaset), and Zero (Netflix). As of 2018, Fabula Pictures has officially joined the Federation Studios’ group.
Led by CEO Pascal Breton, Lionel Uzan, and now co-managing director Marco Chimenz, Federation Studios heralds a new breed of independent European studios, focusing on the creation, production, financing, and distribution of high-quality original productions for the global marketplace.
Federation Studios works with the best worldwide talents and partners in the industry to create a strong distribution portfolio as well as an array of premium international productions. The production and distribution studio is based in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Cologne, and Tel Aviv. Active in the drama, kids & family, documentary, and light entertainment space, the group boasts 250 full-time employees, a number which is in constant growth.


BABY 2018

Format: TV Series 

Genre:              Teen Drama

Director:          Andrea De Sica, Letizia Lamartire, Anna Negri

Screenplay:     Isabella Aguilar, Giacomo Durzi, Antonio Le Fosse, Giacomo Mazzariol, Marco Raspanti, Romolo Re Salvador, Eleonora Trucchi

Cast:                 Benedetta Porcaroli, Alice Pagani, Riccardo Mandolini

"Baby" delves into the clandestine lives of wealthy teenagers in Rome. Amid exclusive events, the show tackles controversial topics like teenage prostitution and societal rebellion. Protagonists Ludovica and Chiara navigate risky choices while balancing their private lives with the facade of perfection they were born into.

ZERO 2021

Format: TV Series 

Genre:             Teen Drama, Fantasy

Director:          Paola Randi, Ivan Silvestrini, Margherita Ferri, Mohamed Hossameldin

Screenplay:     Antonio Dikele Distefano, Menotti, Stefano Voltaggio, Massimo Vavassori, Carolina Cavalli, Lisandro Monaco

Cast:                Giuseppe Dave Seke, Haroun Fall, Beatrice Grannò, Dylan Magon, Daniela Scattolin, Madior Fall, Virginia Diop

Zero, ignored by his peers and scarred by a family tragedy, lives a humble life in the outskirts of Milan. Working delivery jobs to support his family, he finds solace in his music and bike rides. His world changes when he meets a girl from upper-class Milan, sparking a modern-day Romeo and Juliet tale. Their contrasting backgrounds collide, forcing Zero to confront his past and use his superpowers in this unlikely love story set in Milan. 


Format: TV Series 

Genre:              Thriller, Drama

Director:          Davide Marengo, Marta Savina

Screenplay:     Valerio Cilio, Michele Alberico, Massimo Bacchini, Federico Favot

Cast:               Claudia Pandolfi, Lino Guanciale, Filippo Scotti

IElio, a successful lawyer with a beautiful family, has no memory of a vacation he took thirty years ago: a summer spent camping with friends chasing after the love of his young life, Arianna. During that vacation, Arianna disappeared without a trace, while the 18-year-old Elio was found on a nearby beach in a confused state with no recollection of what happened. Now, after the discovery of her body, Elio begins to travel back and forth to that summer, trying to uncover who killed her, throwing his life into turmoil in the faint hope of saving her. But is he really traveling through time or is it just a mechanism of his confused mind?

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