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CEO & Producer

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Company Profile

Fasten Films is a film and television production company based in Barcelona. Led by producer Adrià Monés, it specializes in producing films and series for the international market, guided by talent with a unique vision that brings characters to life and endures in the memories of the audience.

With over 20 years of experience in international productions, notable works include "Mediterráneo" (Marcel Barrena, 2021, a co-production with Heretic, premiered at San Sebastián and won several Goya, Gaudí, Feroz, and Forqué awards); "Entre la vie et la mort" (Giordano Gederlini, 2022, a Spain-Belgium-France co-production starring Antonio de la Torre); “O Corpo Aberto” (Ángeles Huerta, 2022, nationally premiered at Seminci and winner of 12 Premios Mestre Mateo); “La Voluntaria” (Nely Reguera, 2022, a Spain-Greece co-production starring Carmen Machi and nationally premiered at Málaga); "The Path" (Tobias Wiemann, 2022, a Warner Bros adventure film set in World War II, filmed in Germany, France, and Spain); “Uno para todos” (David Ilundain, 2020, internationally premiered at the Miami Film Festival and nominated for various Goya, Gaudí, Feroz, and Forqué awards); "Centauro" (Daniel Calparsoro, 2022, a Netflix original thriller filmed in Spain and France); and the non-fiction series "Nisman: the prosecutor, the president and the spy" (by Justin Webster, Emmy winner, filmed in the USA, Argentina, and Spain).

Recently, Fasten Films released "Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell", directed by Phạm Thiên Ân, awarded the Camera d'Or at the Directors' Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival 2023, and "La Imatge Permanent", directed by Laura Ferrés and winner of the Golden Spike at Seminci 2023.

Currently, Fasten Films is working on the development of "Cuatro Amores" (by Jorge Dorado) and "La Gang" (by sisters Carol and Marina Rodríguez Colás), among other projects.

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Company Highlights

Format:          Feature Film

Genre:            Drama
Director:        Giordano Gerderlini
Screenplay:    Giordano Gerderlini

Cast:                Antonio de la Torre, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet, Tibo Vandenborre, Fabrice Adde


Leo Castañeda is a Spanish man who and lives in Brussels, where he works as a metro driver. One night, he sees a young man on the edge of the platform. Leo recognizes his son Hugo, while he watches him disappear under the tracks. Leo had not seen him for more than two years and now discovers that Hugo was involved in a robbery. He now will try to understand the reasons for the death of his son.



Format:          Feature Film

Genre:            Drama
Director :       Marcel Barrena
Screenplay :  Marcel Barrena, Danielle Schleif
Cast :             Eduard Fernández, Dani Rovira, Anna Castillo, Sergi López, Àlex Monner, Melika Foroutan, Patricia López                                   Arnaiz, Vassilis Bisbikis, Giannis Niaros, Drosos Skotis, Yiota Festa


Autumn 2015. Two lifeguards, Oscar (Eduard Fernández) and Gerard (Dani Rovira), travel to Lesbos (Greece) shocked by the photograph of a child drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean. Upon arrival they discover an overwhelming reality: thousands of people risk their lives every day crossing the sea in precarious boats and fleeing armed conflicts. However, no one performs rescue work. Together with Esther (Anna Castillo), Nico (Sergi López) and other members of the team, they will fight to fulfill a mission, giving support to people who need it. For all of them, this initial journey will be a life-changing odyssey.

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2021 - Film selected for the RTVE Gala

MIA MARKET 2021 - Official Selection




Genre:            Documentary
Director:        Justin Webster
Screenplay:   Justin Webster , Martín Rocca


A prosecutor investigating a terrorist bombing accuses the Argentinian president of colluding with Iran. Four days later he is found dead in his bathroom with a single shot to the head. Alberto Nisman died in Buenos Aires, but the shockwaves of this mysterious murder, or suicide, spread across the globe to Israel, Iran and the United States. This is a story of ambition, corruption and dirty tricks which unfolds, with rival narratives of good and evil, of suicide or murder, and of truth itself, around a body in a bathroom with enormous international resonance.

Donostia Zinemaldia - Festival de San Sebastian 2019 - A Class

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