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Filmkameratene AS has produced more than 30 feature films and 70 television episodes. Its productions have won numerous national and international awards and constantly been among Norway’s most seen productions either in the cinema or on television. Among its most recent cinema titles are The Lion Woman, Børning 2, Kings Bay and Operation Shadowman


The company has a track record that includes the first Norwegian co-production with a Hollywood studio, the first Norwegian film to be remade in Hollywood, the first Norwegian film in an indigenous language, the first Norwegian film shown in the 70mm format, the first Norwegian animated feature, the first Norwegian film using CGI-effects significantly and the first Norwegian film to put the spotlight on the capital's criminal environment. The company has also produced the Norwegian film with the most awards at home and abroad.

Its founder John M. Jacobsen has won every Norwegian honorary film award and has been made Commander of the Order of St. Olaf by King Harald V for his contribution to the Norwegian film industry.



Genre:              Family Film

Director:          Grethe Bøe

Screenplay:     Grethe Bø

Cast:                 Emma Pedersen Kilane, Thomas Farestveit, Finn Schau, Lise Fjeldstad, Eldar Vågan og Pål Sverre Hagen

Detective Agency No. 2 run by child detectives Tiril and Oliver has a new case to solve. Mysterious holes in the ground appear on the plains during the night, causing Oliver’s bicycle to be destroyed. Who made the holes and why? The clues lead to the Shadowman. To get to the bottom of the mystery, they have to dig in the past and apply both researching and technology. Operation Shadowman is like an exciting «Sherlock Holmes» story for the whole family.


Screened at Chicago International Film Festival




Genre:              Drama

Director:          Vibeke Idsøe

Screenplay:      Vibeke Idsøe based on the bestselling novel by Erik Fosnes Hansen

Cast:                 Rolf Lassgård, Burghart Klaussner, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Ken Duken, Connie Nielsen


In 1912 a girl is born covered with hair from head to toe. This leads initially to a life in isolation, but her exceptional intelligence will take her from a small railroad station community into the big world. A both emotionally gripping and fascinating story in the tradition ofThe Elephant Man (1980) and Mask (1985).

Sold to every international territory



BØRNING 2    2016

Genre:             Comedy/Action

Director:          Hallvard Bræin

Screenplay:      Linn-Jeanethe Kyed, Anne Elvedal

Cast:                  Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Ida Husøy, Sven Nordin, Otto Jespersen, Henrik Mestad

In this sequel, Roy the main character is released from jail after participating in an illegal street race. He is now ready to get his life back on track, but when he finds out his daughter is participating in a race from the west coast of Norway to Murmansk in Russia, everything changes. This is a story about a special and challenging relationship between a father and daughter, which takes place on the icy roads of the Nordic parts of Europe. It’s a thrilling, loving and funny story with a lot of unique cars and beautiful scenery that will make your eyes glued
to the screen from beginning to end.

Biggest opening day in Norwegian film history for any Norwegian film
Best opening weekend in 2016


Genre:             Thriller

Director:          Stig Svendsen

Screenplay:     Stig Svendsen

Cast:                Kari Bremnes, Andre Sørum

The explosion in the Kings Bay coal mine on Svalbard in 1963 took 21 lives. This led to a crisis that forced the sitting government to resign from office. But what if the accident in the Kings Bay mine wasn’t an accident? Two journalists come across information indicating something else was going on. This raises the question: “Who really controls the Arctic?”

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