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Filmlance International was founded in 1988 and has grown into one of Sweden’s leading production companies. Over the past thirty years, Filmlance has produced several critically acclaimed feature films for cinema, TV, and streaming services as well as producing TV series and children’s films.

An example of producing high-quality drama for a wide Nordic and international audience is the international success BRON, which sold to over 180 countries. Other productions include the Swedish streaming hit CALIPHATE, THE BECK, and THE SANDHAMN MURDER films and upcoming productions such as TOP DOG by Jens Lapidus, BEARTOWN by Fredrik Backman as well as a remake of the 90’s cult film VINTERVIKEN, based on the book by Mats Wahl.

Filmlance produces for several major distributors such as Sweden’s Television, TV4, Netflix and HBO.

Filmlance has over thirty years in the business involving many of Sweden’s leading producers, directors, and screenwriters and has currently 28 full-time employees.
Filmlance is part of Endemol Shine Group and is based in Frihamnen, Stockholm.
In July 2020 Endemol Shine Group was acquired by Banijay, creating the world’s largest international content producer and distributor spanning 22 territories with over 120 production companies and a multi-genre catalog boasting over 88,000 hours of original standout programming.

The drama CALIPHATE premiered on SVT in January and later this spring on Netflix, the drama TSUNAMI premiered on SVT in February and in August a new season of THE SANDHAMN MURDERS series will air on C-more/TV4. This autumn the drama series BEARTOWN will air on HBO and the drama TOP DOG will premiere on Cmore/TV4.

Filmlance is currently developing several exciting original stories in development as well as a new season of THE SANDHAMN MURDERS and BECK.
Hanne Palmquist joins Filmlance International and Endemol Shine Nordics in September in the newly created post of Head of Scripted and an additional role of Managing Director of Filmlance. She is joining from HBO Nordic, where she has been in post since 2016 as Commissioning Editor and VP with responsibility for original content for the region.



TOP DOG  2020

Genre:              TV Series, Crime

Directors:         Molly Hartleb (conceptual director), Alekis Almström (episode director)

Screenplays:    Veronica Zacco (head writer), Lovisa Milles, Josefin Johansson, Gunnar Järvstad, Amanda Högberg

Cast:                 Josefin Asplund, Alexej Manvelov

This TV series focuses primarily on the clash between Stockholm business attorney Emily Jansson and Södertälje ex-con Teddy Maksumic. Emily is an aspiring “Top Dog” who wants to make her way up in the firm. Teddy has recently become an Underdog and wants to get out of the mafia.


Genre:                 TV series - Drama

Directors:           Goran Kapetanovic

Screenplay:        Wilhelm Behrman, Niklas Rockström

Cast:                   Gizem Erdogan, Amed Bozan, Aliette Opheim, Albin Grenholm, Nora Rios, Yussra El Abdouni, Amanda                                         Sohrabi, Lancelot Ncube, Simon Mezher, Ala Riani

The thriller CALIPHATE is centered on five young women, whose fate is intertwined in an examination of how religious fundamentalism can seduce individuals and destroy lives.
September 2015 – Swedish Security Service agent Fatima’s career has been derailed following a mistake, with her colleagues showing less and less confidence in her, until one day she gets a very worrying call. Pervin, a young Swedish woman, is trapped in Raqqa where her husband Husam is connected to IS. She lives in constant terror over the mindless violence surrounding her and fears for her and her daughter’s life. She tells Fatima that she is her only hope, but Fatima hesitates. However, when Pervin tells Fatima that her husband and his group of Swedish jihadists are planning a large-scale terrorist act in Sweden, with one having already returned to prepare for the attack Fatima drives Pervin to find out more to prevent it.
At the same time, in the girl’s room in another Swedish family, Sulle quarrels with her sister Lisha about which member of the band One Direction is the best. However, Sulle has already directed her attention in another and altogether different manner. After discovering Ibrahim, the cool Student Assistant at her school who treats her like an adult, she starts to reconsider her life according to his influence.
When Fatima tries to convince her bosses at the Middle East department about the seriousness of the information she has been given by Pervin, she is met with a compact disinterest. What is happening? At the same time, she drives Pervin to find out more. Something that arouses suspicion in her husband. This is how a dangerous game with sky-high stakes begins.


Directors:           Henrik Schyffert

Screenplay:        Uje Brandelius

Cast:                   Uje Brandelius, Therese Hörnqvist, Bixi Brandelius, Vega Brandelius

SPRING UJE SPRING (Run Uje Run) is an autobiographical pop music drama-comedy by Uje Brandelius. About how life takes turns you couldn’t fantasize about when you get a disease diagnosis. About what you have to catch up with before you die. And what you don’t have to do. And about the very ordinary, dreary, gray but also lovely every day.

Audience Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film and the FIPRESCI prize at the Gothenburg Film Festival


Genre:              DramaTV Series

Directors:        Henrik Georgsson

Screenplay:      Sara Kadefors

Cast:                 Henrik Norlén, Liv Mjönäs, Rufus Glaser, Louise Peterhoff, Fredrik Lycke, Evin Ahmad, Thure Lindhardt,                                       Freddy Åsblom

December 2004. Tomas, director of an aid organization, is at the center of a handful of people’s lives. Emelie, his lover, is about to leave her cancer-sick husband for him.
Abbe, his friend and colleague, is trying to hide from him the fact that he’s stolen money from the organization. Sara, an ambitious journalist, falsely believes she
has evidence that Tomas is guilty of the crime and is about to publish an article about it. When Tomas discovers Abbe’s swindling, he gives him time during the Christmas holidays to pay the money back, while Tomas travels to Thailand to try to fix the relationship with his stepson, Ivan. Sara’s article in which Tomas is singled out as the villain, is published at the same time as Tomas goes missing during the catastrophic events of the Tsunami. Several people have much to gain from his disappearance. The question is which direction their conscience will take them.

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