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NEWERA/Firefly Productions



Firefly Productions is a production company founded in 2018 and is based in Belgrade, Serbia. The company is dedicated to the development and production of original and book-based content. In addition to that, Firefly is also working as a full-service company and is opening its studio complex in 2023.














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BLOCK 27  2022

Format:          TV Series 

Genre:           Mystery, Horror, Coming-of-age

Director:       Milica Tomovic, Momir Milosevic

Screenplay:   Ivan Knezevic, Boban Jevtic, Boris Grgurovic, Ljubica Lukovic

Cast:              Emma Pendlebury, Stefan Lazic, Veljko Ilincic, Andrej Jovovic, Ivana Mladenovic

When a teenager goes missing in the housing estate, a police search is launched and a slight nervousness sets in. The only one who is concerned, however, is the sister of the missing Rastko. When she sets out to find her twin brother in the company of two newfound friends, she discovers that her brother is not the first missing person.



Format:        TV Series 

Genre:          Drama

Director:      Bojan Vuletic

Screenplay: Bojan Vuletic

Cast:             Boris Isakovic, Mirjana Karanovic, Milan Maric

The Family describes the events of the last three days before Slobodan Milosevic's arrest, which the former head of state spent in his Belgrade villa surrounded by family and friends and the country’s citizens in front of their television screens. We follow the events of those days from the perspectives of Milosevic’s family, the special police forces, the Serbian government, the media, and the former president’s admirers. The Family is a miniseries about the end of a family and an entire historical era that Milosevic and his family greatly influenced.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2021

Heart of Sarajevo for the Best TV Series, Serial Killer Festival 2021

Best Drama Series Award Series Mania

Selection Motovun Film Festival 2021

Selection Transilvania International Film Festival 2021



Format:         TV Series 

Genre:          Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Director:      Nemanja Cipranic

Screenplay: Strahinja Madzarevic

Cast:            Uliks Fehmiu, Jelena Djokic, Nikola Kojo, Toni Mihajlovski

A man brutally murders twelve of his neighbors in a small village in Eastern Serbia. Peter, an Intelligence Service agent, is trying to solve the case but starts taking things personally after he realizes that there is an inexplicable connection between the murderer and his late teenage son who has committed suicide. Natasha, a prominent psychologist, and monk Tihon starts helping Petar solve the case. Peter and Natasha become entangled in the ancient war between the forces of good and evil – a war that has been raging on for centuries.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2021 / Selection
Berlinale Series Market Selects / Selection
Dunav Film Fest / Selection


Format:       TV Series 

Genre:         Drama, Thriller 

Set in the 1960s, “Gorilla” is based on a true story about a French movie star and his Yugoslav bodyguard. “Gorilla” tells the story of Ivan Zivanovic who emigrates to Paris where he is hired by actor Richard Després to protect him. Following an orgy involving the future French President’s wife, Zivanovic decides to start blackmailing the participants. It is a story about the dark side of the entertainment industry, of organized crime and political intrigue, but ultimately it is a story about class; of two men from different worlds who each covets something the other has, but where one will always remain the outsider.


Format:     TV Series 

Genre:       Drama, Thriller, Horror 


Format:    TV Series 

Genre:     Mystery, Supernatural Horror, Historical Drama

In the final years of World War II, a mysterious British intelligence officer arrives in Nis, a town in the southern part of Serbia, and through strange and horrific circumstances becomes a participant of the search for an ancient, powerful relic hidden deep beneath the town’s surface. At the same time, the town is shaken by a series of horrendous murders. In the chaos of war, nobody seems to be upset about this, yet one ancient word can be heard when whispered by soldiers on dead watch –a vampire.

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